All Audio Available for Teachings on Prophecy & Tongues

Over the past few months, I have been taking our church, Cornerstone, through an in-depth series on the gifts of the Spirit as found in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. I specifically spent 3 weeks centred around the gift of prophecy and 3 weeks centred around the gifts of tongues and interpretation.

I wanted to make all the teachings available in one place. So here they are below. You can click on the icons to listen to them here, or you can download them from our podcast by clicking on the links provided. Finally, you can listen to and download them all from iTunes.

The Gift of Prophecy (Part 1) – download from here

The Gift of Prophecy (Part 2) – download from here

The Gift of Prophecy (Part 3) – download from here

The Gift of Tongues (Part 1) – download from here

The Gift of Tongues (Part 2) – download from here

The Gift of Tongues (Part 3) – download from here

8 thoughts on “All Audio Available for Teachings on Prophecy & Tongues

  1. Scott,

    I did not know you were a “charismatic” (Pentecostal). I lived thru all of that in the 70’s and 80’s (both the Catholic and Anglican version). Funny, but it seems dead now, at least in those two Churches? There are some still, but nothing like the 70’s, etc.

    • Scott,

      Yes, I know of New Wine. I am myself closer to the cessationist position now. At my age, I have seen just too much drop in the Judeo-Christian culture. We simply live in postmodernity now! Note, I am a “Biblical” Zionist…pre-mill/post trib.

      But I will check out your site.

  2. Robert –

    Did you move away from continuationism due to a negative experience in the church with the gifts or because it seemed things kind of petered out?

    I am more covenantal in my understanding of eschatology and Israel. We’ve discussed this before at New Leaven, I believe.

    • Scott,

      It would be the latter, I always seek anyway to make biblical and theological judgments. As I have said before, I can “do” the prayer language thing, but I am concerned that it might just be more Jungian? I don’t press that, but the overall nature of the sign-gifts seems well over and done. My theological thoughts anyway. But, GOD is always GOD, and He can do as He pleases! This is not a subject I really pound on either.

  3. Yes, God is God and does as He pleases. At times, varying local congregations, groups of Christians, and Christians in particular parts of the world experience heightened measures of God’s gifts. I.e., the developing world (China, India, South America, Africa) are seeing great moves. But you are aware of the renewal in the UK in the 60’s and 70’s. So there are heightened times according to God’s purposes. But I wouldn’t say things have petered out.

    • Scott,

      I see the Western world and culture on the periphery of social, spiritual and religious destruction! Both Western church & culture need to hear the words of the Book of Jeremiah, note chapter 5 for starters! This could be a long moral slide, or it could come quickly, with some financial loss, etc. But God must judge both His Church first, then a sinful world! (1 Pet. 4:17-18) Indeed the true Church is a pilgrim Body, in a fallen world. Myself, I just don’t see the Church in any lasting renewal. I really hope I am wrong, but at this point I don’t think so.

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