Our Trauma and Reactions to Certain Faith Groups

Catholics are accused of worshipping Mary.

Evangelicals are accused of worshipping the Bible.

Both are, perhaps, overreactive statements.

Lodging these accusations are a way of getting at the group whom we oppose. (And this is true not just with religious-faith groups.)

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Emotions: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Emotions. Can we trust them or not trust them? That seems to be a relevant question today where we are becoming more in touch with the world of our emotions, particularly through the rise of mental health awareness.

I know what Christians have typically taught regarding this question. You cannot trust your emotions. They are too fickle, too much of the flesh, of the soul. We need to be spirit-people. Things of that nature. And these are statements I have encountered myself.

But here’s the problem, one from the very start: The use of the word trust found within the statement, “You cannot trust your feelings.”

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