An Evening of Gathered Worship

WorshipHandsWorship is to come from our lives, not just in song. We know Rom 12:1-2 tells us this. Or it reminds us that the presenting of our bodies as living sacrifices is our logikēn latreian (‘reasonable service’). This word latreian is regularly translated as ‘worship’ because it’s related to the role of the priests in the temple. They served and worshipped God in all they did.

But a new temple has now been formed in Jesus Christ, one being made of living stones, and we are called to offer our reasonable service-worship through the sacrifice of ourselves.

Of course, I believe the fuller concept gets lost a bit in the individualized proclamation of this passage. Instead, what we have here is a proclamation to the community of God’s people in Rome that they might together offer their lives as a sacrifice, which was their reasonable service-worship together.

And we must not forget that one of the great ways to keep the community on the path of being living sacrifices together is through the gathered worship, in all its various formats. It’s not only in this form – but if we remember the collective focus of scripture, then we’ll want to gather together to express our worship-service to God.

And so, this past weekend, our church community gathered together to sing and dance, kneel and pray, offer artistic expressions and read scripture, share communion and word, and much more. Here is a short video summary of that time. Continue reading

My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts?

During the summer months of July & August, we at Cornerstone are engaged in a short series from Isaiah 55. I’ve shared before about my love for Isaiah, especially the second half of the book and it’s message of new creation, restoration and healing that would come in a new age initiated by God’s Messiah-Christ. Such stirring words, to say the least!

We are taking 5 weeks to cover what is ch.55. We’ve broken it down into these 5 parts:

  • Vs1-3a – The Invitation to Feast
  • Vs3b-5 – God’s Faithfulness to David & Us
  • Vs6-7 – The Call to Seek the Lord
  • Vs8-11 – God’s High Calling & Faithful Word
  • Vs12-13 – The Fruit of God’s New Age

On Sunday, I took up part 4, looking particular at vs8-11. These are extremely well-known words: Continue reading

The Priority of the Kingdom

Last week on my blog, I posted my sermon teaching from Cornerstone. I had specifically started a series on the kingdom of God and began by looking at how the gospel and the kingdom rule of God are very intricately connected. You can click the link to hear and/or read my message notes.

So this week, I do the same by posting the audio and message notes below. I continued on in the series by looking at 4 pointers to the priority of the kingdom. And, yes, the kingdom even takes priority over church, God’s ekklesia. Continue reading

The Gospel of the Kingdom

If you follow my blog, you will note that I recently began a series on evangelism and the gospel. This past Sunday, I also began a series at Cornerstone on the kingdom of God, or the gospel of the kingdom.

If you would like, you can listen to my message on the gospel of the kingdom, as well as see my notes, as I have embedded both here in this post. This is not too unlike my second post in my series on evangelism. You can also download the message from iTunes. Continue reading

Prayer Retreat

It is good to take some time away, very good, even if it is only for a 24-hour period. And, thus, I am much anticipating this weekend in which our leadership team will draw away to the Ardennes of Belgium for a short, 24-hour period to be together, seek God, hear from God and respond to His leading of our lives and the life of the church we lead.

I pray it is like a refreshing rain during a hot mid-summer’s day.