Sunday Review – 21 November 2010

Here are some interesting articles I came across this week:

1. T.C. Robinson, at New Leaven, shares how the updated NIV 2011 is more benevolent in attesting to women in ministry within the Scripture text. I, like Robinson, find this a positive.

2. Ben Witherington shares even more about the inclusive language of the NIV 2011.

3. Nick Norelli posted a review of the Reformation Study Bible. He also ponders whether a leather cover Bible is all that important.

4. Andrew Perrimans shares his insights on how Scripture speaks to the world today.

5. RJS continues his series entitled The Fall and Sin After Darwin. Here is part 8. You can find the links to the other 7 parts on my last Sunday Review.

6. Kevin DeYoung shares why reformed theology is not easily finding a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan (where he is located and where reformed theology has been the traditional background of many people in that area). But would we expect Germany to inherently remain Lutheran or England to remain Anglican in our global world? But, even more, I am ok with this since reformed theology is not inherently the gospel of the kingdom.

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