Sunday Review – 25 July 2010

What I have begun to notice with a few of the favourite blogs I frequent is that they like to give a review of the week, highlighting interesting articles posted around the blogosphere for that week. Thus, I thought I might do the same for those who stop by The Prodigal Thought.

1. Over at Near Emmaus, blogger Robert Jimenez has begun a series on whether or not inerrancy has outlived its usefulness. This will be interesting to follow because, recently, I have begun to rethink my view of the word inerrancy. I believe Scripture is God-breathed and authoritative in the life of the believer. But I am not sure the word inerrancy is the best word to describe that. Hence, my recent purchase of Peter Enns’s Inspiration and Incarnation and Peter Rollins’s How (Not) to Speak of God to mull over their thoughts. I share more initial thoughts on these two books here.

2. Tullian Tchividjian, grandson of Billy Graham, has begun a series on corporate worship of the church. This should be interesting, as we spent the better part of four months going through our own series on worship at Cornerstone.

3. Kevin Sam, over at New Epistles, has recently begun a series on why people are leaving the church. Here is the intro post and part 1 of what looks to be a 5-part series.

4. Andrew Perriman recently shared about the release of his new book, The Future of the People of God: Reading Romans Before and After Western Christendom. I am interested to read this book before year’s end. And, I actually just purchased and received a copy of his book, The Coming of the Son of Man.

5. Finally, just a reminder that I am currently working through two series myself: one on the role of women and the other on the gift of tongues. For the series on the role of women, you can do a search for the word women in the category drop-down menu on the right sidebar of my blog. For the series on tongues, you can do a search for the word tongues (though the first two posts should currently be on my blog’s front page).

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