Beatitudes Series Continues

As I mentioned a few weeks back, we are currently working our way through the Beatitudes this summer at Cornerstone. We are now half-way through this series, as yesterday I looked at, ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirsty for righteousness for they shall be satisfied.’

The four messages can be found here at our podcast:

  1. The Poor in Spirit
  2. The Mourners (from Samuel de Andrade)
  3. The Meek
  4. The Hungry and Thirsty for Righteousness

If you would rather get audio through iTunes, then you can listen to these messages or download them from there by clicking on this link. Finally, you can download both the Word document and PowerPoint files from Cornerstone’s sermons page.

2 thoughts on “Beatitudes Series Continues

  1. I have the New International Commentary of the NT and I also have some notes just on the Beatitudes that our grouping of churches put together some 15 or so years ago.

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