Lent Is Upon Us

images-1Tomorrow we begin the season of Lent. It’s a time set in the church’s liturgical calendar to draw close to the Lord through reflective prayer, meditation and fasting. It’s time to recognize wilderness.

Liturgical calendar?

Yes. Something valuable if we shall allow it.

The life and worship of the church is imbibed with liturgy through and through. This is simply the rhythms created in order to direct our hearts and minds towards the things of the kingdom of God. I speak of rhythms over rituals because many free, evangelical Christians are scared of the word ritual. But the church has set a rhythmic calendar to bring us through varying seasons and periods of the historic and holistic work of God, all to “set our minds on things above.”

Just as the Israelites, we will come through this season of wilderness. As Christ, we will come through this season of wilderness. But we will do well to remember this: the land flowing with milk and honey is reached through the wilderness; resurrection life is reached through a cross.

As we prepare for Lent, may we be stirred by this simple video. I’ve watched it each Lent for the past few years.

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