One of the Most Gripping Quotes I’ve Ever Read

quotation-marksBelow is one of the most gripping one-sentence quotes that I’ve ever read.

Though it is not absolutely clear who penned (or spoke) these words, most attribute the line to Plato.

I’ve posted them before, but they are worth posting again:

‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’

In the midst of my own pain from being hurt by others, as well as in the midst of seeing others hurt, this quote regularly comes to mind. It strikes me at my core.







They are all needed. Each of us needs these.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

2 thoughts on “One of the Most Gripping Quotes I’ve Ever Read

  1. I have heard several versions of this and have tried to trace it. I have not had any success. The point is our need to be careful of others and treat others well no matter what we think. We do not know the hardships they have faced or are in the middle of. Bless those who curse you. Yes even to that we see a command to not mistreat oh yes and to those who despitefully use you. Always humbly encourage and engage your contacts with their best at heart.

  2. What I love about this quote is that it is impossible to do it through human strength alone. Love like this requires the love of God flowing through us that gives us the ability to see people as He does – broken and hurting. It’s easy to show compassion to even those who hurt you when you can see them that way. Society says to shun (or worse) people that “bring us down”, but God’s love tells us to embrace them, because He knows only LOVE can change someone’s heart.

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