Adventures in Running

tired-runner-cartoonMy wife has a few hobbies.

Firstly, she enjoys photography. And it’s now become a source of income, as she launched her own photography company in January 2012. God has blessed this venture, even opening the door for a studio in our own home.

Secondly, my wife loves to run, also being involved in a few half-marathons over the years. But the opportunity hasn’t been as readily available since the birth of our second son, Joshua.

So, to begin 2013, Cat had an idea – What if I get my husband involved in running with me, that way we can be running partners?

Somehow I agreed to this!

Due to the lovely Belgian weather in January and February, we’ve not been able to run just yet. Nevertheless, we will begin tomorrow. We’ve actually joined a local Flemish running club, so that also brings another side of accountability. So, after the intro session tomorrow evening, we will be running every Monday evening until the year 2070. Ok, maybe not that long.

So, here’s to a new year’s resolution beginning at the end of February…


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