In my last post, I mentioned a special gathering of some of our more mature as well as younger leaders, within Global Horizons, gathering together for discussion and prayer. In the discussions, we talked about some of the ‘non-negotiables’ that have become near and dear to our hearts. Not in any sense of wanting to break fellowship with others who might not hold to these things, but those foundation stones, even revelations, that the Lord has shown as dear to his own heart.

Of course, there is already a sense of the importance of the essentials of the faith, centred in Christ and the gospel, his death and resurrection. But these points came forth as part of the charismatic restoration movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s. These became so very important, as we understood them as important to Christ himself.

So I list them here. They are in no particular order and some of them repeat somewhat. But these stand as non-negotiable foundation stones of Christ, the cornerstone, and the apostolic-prophetic foundation that has been and is being laid (Eph 2:19-22).

  • Kingdom rule of God – Jesus preached it
  • Loving people – all types of people
  • Church as local expression of the kingdom of God
  • Servant leadership – rather than hierarchical
  • Integration/combination of word and Spirit
  • Fresh breath of the Spirit
  • Fruit and gifts of the Spirit
  • Participation in the church as the church – rather than simply attending
  • Church as family-relational, authentic
  • Whole redemptive aspects of Christ – faith, repentance, water baptism, Spirit baptism
  • Water baptism & Spirit baptism
  • Apostolic (mission-minded) nature of the church
  • Call to the nations
  • Partnership with local churches in the nations – rather than ‘taking over’ from the west
  • Not ashamed of the gospel
  • Compassion for the poor
  • Micah 6:8 – seek justice, love kindness, walk humbly with your God
  • Purpose
  • Church is whole life
  • Relationship with God
  • Sacraments – Lord’s supper, water baptism
  • Infallibility, authority, centrality of Scripture
  • Call of God to ministry, but not with clergy/laity distinction
  • Making disciples
  • Eph 4:11 gifts of the ascended Christ still needed

We ended the discussion by reflecting on Jeremiah 6:16:

Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good wayΒ is, and walk in it,
and you will find restΒ for your souls.

These points above have become part of the ancient, well-worn paths of our churches and leader-ministries for the past half century. They are part of our DNA. What is hard to imagine is that some of our leaders suffered not too long ago for taking a stand for many of these things – even excommunication and persecution (though not physical persecution).

But these are right. These are of Christ. These are of the apostolic and prophetic church being built by Christ himself. I am, myself, excited to have been entrusted to get some kind of glimpse of these all-important truths. My great desire is to see these continually passed on to the body of Christ today and tomorrow.


38 thoughts on “Non-negotiables

      • Ken,

        Traditionally, the church has burned people to death for not understanding Jesus in a particular way. I’m glad to see you hold a different view.

      • Dave –

        The ‘church’ hasn’t burned anyone in a while. And the church has learned a lot. Of course, some might see it as being watered down. But we are on a journey, one for quite a few millennia (pre-dating any view that says the ‘church’ began at Pentecost). We are learning. This is organic. We are still not at the goal of Eph 4:11-13. But we are headed there, even if ever so slowly.

    • Scott,

      Thanks for clarifying. I like your list very much. The combination of orthopraxy with orthodoxy is extremely refreshing, but I particularly admire your *choice* of orthopraxy. πŸ˜€

  1. Notice ‘church’ fellowship mentioned a lot on your list, but what about your ‘personal walk in the Spirit’? How about ‘walking in the Spirit, not caring out the deeds of the flesh’? Anybody totally in love with the Lord–dying daily to ‘self love’? Oh, yeh, that’s right–you find Jesus when ‘gathering together’–no ‘personal’ ministering’ to Him listed–He’s more of a ‘group hug’ to you? Having no ‘conviction of personal sin’ mentioned in list, neither confessions of sins. Are you sure you are following the ‘ancient paths’?

  2. Susan

    I am a bit baffled by your comment of rebuke and reprimand, especially noting you know neither me nor the group of churches I work with well. I’m not even sure what search you might have been doing online and then happened upon my blog.

    I already established that we hold to the essentials of the Christian faith. Speaking of Christ’s death, at least for us, also speaks of the need of forgiveness, though that’s not the only reason for the cross. We embrace the creeds of our historic faith, and this began long ago. Of course we believe in walking in the Spirit and dying to self. Such is important in a Spirit-filled life.

    So I’d ask for a little more graciousness here. These are simple some very important distinctives. It is, by no means, exhaustive. But still a good summary of the things that we believe are important ancient paths.


  3. Robert

    Yes, the ‘movement’ is over. What is still here are the revelations and truths. Each of those, though communicated a little different than a few decades ago, are important, important to Christ.

  4. Dave,

    I don’t know how I stumbled upon your ‘group of churches’ — pardon the intrusion. I was amazed myself that I should even be concerned about your ‘church group’ — I was just looking at your ‘list’. Now I know you aren’t so keen on getting a “rebuke and reprimand.” Sorry you took ‘offense’–it was less than ‘gracious’ I admit. I get that way in dealing with “want-to-be’s” who talk-the-talk but have no ‘personal witness’. It’s one thing to own a sword, another thing to be in the battle.

    You state confidently, “We embrace the creeds of our historic faith”–that sounds ‘impersonal god’ to me. No ‘warmth’ in your writings–‘warmth’ comes ‘from the heart–not the head’. You have arrived at full Biblical understanding–not to be disputed, but not appearing to have that much ‘depth’ of heart. (Just giving my two cents worth.) I’ll leave you guys to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

    I also want to say, I was one of those 1970’s Charismatics–having dealt with the wayward Prosperity folk, the WOF guys…and many other ‘craving after signs and wonders’ people. I just laughed at their foolish hearts back then and still do. Everyone wanted to be ‘somebody’ in the ‘movement’–wanting a ‘ministry’…it was really crazy in those days. The best path I found was to keep my eyes upon Jesus–putting my mind on things ‘above’. I spoke /sung in Tongues in private worship–making melody in my heart unto God. Loving Jesus through that ‘heart’ relationship–I desired to be fluent in Tongues–and finding it extremely helpful for the many trials I had to overcome. Noted most of my Charismatic friends rarely used their ‘gifts’–some gave up and shrunk back. I wanted to stay ‘hot’–but they desired to ‘settle back down into those lukewarm pews’ of ‘weekly religious obligations’. Their Charismatic Lights dimmed…and now they can only look back to those ‘good ole days’. Please, Please, never come down off that initial Mountain Top experience with God when you first believed. I just weep to this day to see the outcome of all those zealous souls having lost their first love for Jesus. The best path is to learn through faith to discern the innner voice of God who will lead you down the ancient paths of Righteousness…gaining approval as you walk by faith, not religious obligations! Always rejoicing and praising God.

    God richly bless you,

    • Sue

      Dave is a commenter here. I’m Scott. πŸ™‚

      I just find it hard that you would have me, or those I work with, well figured out with one article. We desire to both walk and talk Christ and his kingdom. We aren’t crazy charismatics. Give us the benefit of the doubt, at least to start.


      • Indeed Scott, the Christian life cannot be lived on the mountain top, especially all or even most of the time, we must walk in those valley’s, and sometimes even in those dark places. We walk by faith not sight! And surely the most profound Christian life is one of the “cruciform”…for the Christian, the Cross is a spirituality of redemptive suffering! (2 Cor. 4:7-11)

    • If you’ve read more than one article on here, you would know that Scott is very much a head and HEART Christian. His first love is Christ, his second, the brethren and the lost, and his third, doctrine. As he has shared in other posts, doctrine was at times his first love, but he is working out his priorities. I truly identify with him in that struggle for I have been going through a similar process. But, with rare exception, I believe his heart is definitely in the right place when it comes to Christ. Please read more of his posts and I’m sure you will reach the same conclusions.

  5. Hi Guys, love ya,
    I need to clear some things up.

    So let’s start here, “Mountain Top”…a born-again experience– First Time you Fell In Love. Well, for me, all I constantly talked about was Jesus–not about Church! My friends told me that I was talking TOO MUCH at work — that I was on a Mountain Top experience–Then they said, “Now you’ve got to come back down to the valley and ‘sit on a padded pew’ and bow your head like the rest of us at Church. I was cut to the quick! NOT the thing to say to someone who just came out of HELL into the HEAVENS! I broke down in sobs! I prayed to the Lord, “Please let me never go back down again and be ‘lukewarm’ sitting there dressed in Religious Obligations.” So later, He took away that ‘church’ attire — and put on my shoulders a Mantel of Praise in Tongues! I never again sat before the Lord in ‘church attire’–I had come to the Holy Mountain of God–into the spiritual realm of angelic Praises! I stand before the Lord in ‘holy array’ today–rested from all Church Works! This is the path — come walk in it! But they say, “I have made a vow to another–I am a Church Member now…I am wearing the robes of Church Works.” “Please let me go attend to my church works.” So we parted ways. What are the ‘ancient paths’? Who told you that ‘church works’ were the pathway of the Redeemed? Did St.Paul–or was it St. Peter? Surely, not I….

  6. I think what Robert is saying is that the “Mountain Top” experience generally is fueled by a great deal of emotions, and emotions change simply because we are human. Our emotional states are greatly tied to our circumstances regardless of whether we wish it to be so. So we must learn to still KNOW that we are close to God even when we don’t FEEL close to God. Sometimes it’s only faith that keeps us going through those dark valleys.

    I’m curious about your “Mantel of Praise in Tongues” expression. I happen to believe in tongues and their usage today, but from what I have read in scripture, tongues are foreign languages that people speak in order to bring edification to people who cannot understand your native language. An interpreter (either yourself or another) should be present if others are in attendance (say in a church setting), so that everyone understands what you are saying (for both your protection and others), as nothing said should ever contradict scripture. My wife has experienced speaking in tongues (namely speaking Spanish even though she knows very little of it in normal circumstances), and it is a great feeling to know you’ve been used by the Lord to help someone learn truth about Him. What do you experience/what are the circumstances of your using tongues?

    Ministering (working) in a church is not something to be avoided or shunned, as long as it is being done in the strength of the Spirit and not in your own strength or for your own glory. Motives for church service can be difficult to determine (even in your own heart), and so it must be something worked out between each person and the Lord. Do people become slaves to church work? Yes, definitely. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it at all.

    • Btw, the only “gift” of tongues, or “glossolalia” that I see and believe for the church today, would be the tongues of the personal prayer closet, (1 Cor. 14:2). And indeed this is a mystical gift and experience itself. But now, with the Canon of Holy Scripture, there are no other “tongues”, themselves. Of course, this is my position.

      • Robert, I’m curious how that “gift” as you describe it would edify the church or non-believers. AFAIK, all the spiritual gifts are given for the edification of the brethren or proclamation of the Good News to the unsaved, not for ourselves alone.

        In Cor. I believe Paul is admonishing them to only use tongues (speaking of foreign languages) in church sparingly because only the person speaking it will understand what they are saying (and God, of course). He says there should be an interpreter so that ALL can be edified by what is said. Everyone WANTED to speak in tongues because it was a “cool” gift, but it was getting out of hand in church. He wanted them rather to speak prophecy (in the common language) so that everyone could easily be edified. If you read the rest of chapter fourteen with this meaning of tongues, it becomes so clear. Later on in vs 22 he says that tongues are a sign for the unbeliever — it was to be used to PREACH the gospel to those of other countries who were visiting and couldn’t understand the common tongue of the land. It was a miracle to them that they could have someone speak to them in their tongue. But it was not useful IN the church unless you (after asking God for the knowledge in prayer) interpreted or someone else could interpret so that everyone in the church could understand. Even the OT verse quoted (Isaiah 28:11,12) makes it clear that Paul is talking about speaking in foreign languages, not any mystical, heavenly speech.

        This usage of tongues CAN certainly happen today. If the Spirit brings a foreigner across your path who cannot understand your language, but to whom God wishes to speak, He may very well use you to speak to them in their own language. As I said, this has happened to my wife. She was not even quite sure what she was saying during the conversation itself, but what she said had a spiritual impact on the receiver of the message. She spoke FLUENT Spanish when in normal circumstance she does know SOME Spanish, but she is NOT a conversational Spanish speaker. It only happened once (or maybe twice) and it’s not something she strives to do again. She knows it was not her, just the Spirit using her. Just as the Spirit of the Lord spoke through the donkey to Balaam, the Lord can choose to speak through us if the need arises.

      • @Ken: If you look at the verse itself…1 Cor. 14: 2, as also verse 4, it is to “edify” oneself. So “this” aspect of “tongues” is itself an interior gift, for the believer himself. Then there were also other aspects to tongues, as to interpret, etc. Note that to “prophesy” edifies the Church. But this to my mind and theology, is over and “ceased”, i.e. tongues, as to some “foreign” language (1 Cor. 13:8). But then I am something of a cessationist. πŸ™‚

      • I can happily agree to disagree with you in this area. I admit there is still room for different views on these verses, and the original language leaves much open for interpretation. I’m actually doing some additional study on this and am finding some different ideas that may actually make for a better argument than I put forth here. I definitely have not “arrived” at any dogmatic conclusion on this subject yet.

  7. Naturally, those who would wear the ‘clerical collar’ are yet in ‘bondage’ to Religious rites and ceremonies, which should have CEASED — on the Day of Pentecost! Why do ‘clerical collars’ spew out ‘desires’ for Spiritual Food and Drink? These men serve the Church Building representing the ‘bondage’ woman Hagar–not the Promise given Sarah. Had they begun in the ‘spirit’–they again entangled themselves in the web of Hagar’s fleshly Religious ‘ceremonies and rites’ — being led by her seducing spirit to mind the weak and worthless things of this earth–turning men’s thoughts toward this earthly existence–men then burned with love for the present world, being then disobedient–following the desires of Self-Righteous Mammon–seeking to serve Mother Hagar’s church! Natural brute beasts! Have given themselves over to religious Idolatry. Having no knowledge of God’s Will. Their foolish hearts were darkened and exchanged the Truth for a Lie.

    Spiritual matters are not for those who kiss this earth. You clerical collars are ‘foreign’ to the things of the Holy Spirit–anything and eveything you do is for your Mother ‘Church” and under her authority you rule as Vicars! What part do you have to do with the kingdom above in which righteousness dwells! You have placed your name on the Church Walls and kissed her sweet lips. Such devotion you have for her ways, you Adultresses!

    Woe, Woe, when men rise up against the ‘gifts’ of the Holy Spirit, and speak evil of those souls being set free from Religious Idolatry–

  8. You have not heard any one speak as I do. Yet, you do not take it to heart. You try to lift your heel against me to crush my scathing rebuke, calling me “fleshly”– for my words are not pleasant cotton candy….but as bitter wormwood in your mouth — far from those flattering lips you are used to, and the friendly greetings you get from those Idolatrous Churchgoers. I understand. For who is there to tell you to flee Idolatry that you would not pick up a rock to stone? To whom would you go to for Wisdom — but the slave goes to his Church Masters for a drink of sweet water. Why tangle with me–step aside. Go your own way–we have nothing in common, Irish Anglican..

    • Well, you certainly are confident of your position, which is obviously far above the rest of us ‘idolaters’ here. Continue to enjoy your elevated and enlightened position while us Church-butt kissers continue puckering up. LOL

      Sorry. It’s really hard to take you seriously, Susan.

      I think the decaf may be in order.

  9. I haven’t had time to read over all the comments, but I think both prophets and teachers need to take a step back for a moment. I doubt much is now going to be solved here with all the banter.

  10. Dear Church-butt kissers,

    I want to thank you all for your thoughts…especially the Irish Anglican. But I am not alone in my thinking–about ‘church’–if you guys have ever surfed the web, you’d know. But I think you already know, especially seeing in England so few ‘going to church’ anymore there. Wake up, God’s doing something New! Don’t get discouraged…get in the Tongues of Fire!

    To Ken — I have been scorned and mocked — but no one ever declared I had any “elevated and enlightened position” — and certainly none of the ‘church’ Masters–HA. But you are right, Ken, any of us yielding our hearts to the Lord in praises are being ‘elevated and enlightened’ above this old, troubled world below. This is the purpose for Speaking in Tongues–bringing us into His Holy Presence. Tongues Praises lift us up, boldly standing before Christ in His elevated Throne Room in Heaven when we worship Him in the Spirit of HIS Redemptive Works (not Church works). Christ in us, the hope of glory. .and we receive His blessings–His Wisdom not of this old world below, and His Joy the world can never give us. In season and out of season, we drink from His well that never will run dry. My testimony is true. I am a faithful witness of His Glory…

    I will now be ‘gracious’ Scott, and bless you all with my departure. I have passed by your house today and peered into your windows. I am now off to a web site in Australia where I find them a bit more receptive to my words.

    Your servant,

    • Btw Sue, I am a very conservative Anglican rector, now semi-retired at 62. And I was at one time within the Church Academy (a teaching theolog myself). And as I have noted with Ken, I believe in the aspect of “Tongues” in the prayer closet! But, I am also a Reformed Anglican, and somewhat Calvinist.
      Btw, I have many Christian friends of different persuasions, and some also in Australia!
      I hope your not an internet troll? And have a church and ecclesiastic life, in fellowship and within pastoral authority. πŸ˜‰

      Sincerely In Christ,
      Fr. Robert

      *Just a note, there are still real Anglican Christians in the Uk and England, thanks be to God! (2 Tim. 2:19)

  11. Fr. Robert, One more Thing,

    I am not able to rejoice with you concerning ‘real Anglican Christians’–but I do believe you recognize them as the ‘faithful’. I have been in ‘exile’–being considered a ‘nobody’ to any in Ecclesiastic life…You are correct I will die a ‘nobody’. But I realize that is difficult to understand by all you ‘somebodies’ enjoying an Ecclesiastic life. I became a ‘nobody’ when I refused to take upon myself any ‘title or name’…this set me at odds with ‘Church Works’–for without taking that 3rd Covenant vow to ‘join a church’ meant I found myself ‘outside the church’…having no ‘righteous deeds’ being I had no ‘Church works’.

    Apparently, Robert, my brother Jim and I, as a ‘team,’ are considered a ‘rarity’ — both having been given the grace to (1) ‘remain single’ before the Lord of hosts, and (2) with a single’s heart, be devoted to Christ Jesus ALONE–as His ministering saints (not a church idea)– since we received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1977– Being ‘celibates’ NOT because of any ‘church’ affiliation, but because of ‘grace’ given us to mortify the body, we were told by the Protestant Brotherhood only the Catholics recognize ‘celibacy’–for Martin Luther had rejected ‘celibacy’ (which outweighed our witness). As ‘singles’–plus not taking any ‘church’ vow–Jim and I were not considered to even be ‘Christians’ by the Protestants. Shocking to me! But we had to deal with this the best we could. It was a nightmare for sure to find ourselves in ‘exile’.

    Over the years, just exercising our Spiritual Gifts, we found our Praise worship powerful–too powerful for the ‘average churchgoer’ who felt overwhelmed by us. I realized that the years of Tongues Praises had actually increased our faith and at the same time, made us look like 300 lb canaries in a little church ‘cage’…not ever gonna ‘fit in’. We saw the dramatic increase just by continually drinking from the Spiritual rock. This is a mystery–and definitely not Church Dogma!

    We just continued in our Tongues ministering before the Lord…and then recently, having begun to wrap up my parents’ estate–I realized the Lord was going to open up some opportunity for me to again speak…perhaps the Internet? Then this past May which was my 35th year before the Lord—He brought back to memory all the years and years of ‘scorn’ I had endured!– from the MINISTRY. Yes, I must say it was the ‘ministry’ who ‘stumbled’ over this little ‘nothing’– all the years of persecutions, of being in ‘exile’ and ‘home alone’–when I was supposed to be among the saints. I just sobbed. But the Lord said, “Do not cry, pay no heed to their infractions.” So I began to write–which I had never really done before–on the web. And this is what you have come to know as “Sue”. All the knowledge I have received over 35 yrs.– combining spiritual words with spiritual thoughts. This is a ‘gift’ of grace…to be sure..given to this ‘nothing’ child.

    Your servant,

    • @Sue: Believe it or not? I can actually “rejoice” with you! For I have long known that GOD does have His people in many different places! For God Is GOD and Sovereign! But, perhaps we will no doubt all see, i.e. the real Christians, that God has allowed us some aspect of our so-called “freedom” as Christians, mistakes and all! So again, the “Hound of Heaven” runs down, and gets all of HIS people!


      PS..Who is “Jim”? Blood brother?

      • Wish there was a like or thumbs up button on comments here. I give ^^THAT^^ a big thumbs up and also wish Sue God’s blessings and embrace her uniqueness. God knows I certainly don’t have any lock on “proper” praise, if indeed there is such a thing.

  12. Robert,

    I have 3 younger brothers. Jim is the middle, 6 yrs. younger. Charlie, the oldest died last yr.-63. Jim 61 in Nov., I’m 67. Dave is 57 living nearby. We grew up as ‘preacher’s kids’ in Wisc., USA. Dad was a UMC minister. Very conservative family. The reason I know so much about “Ministry” is from personal experiences since childhood. My Dad was an example of ‘church piety.’ He was ‘aloof and distant’–staying in his Study. Dad loved the Bible–but he just was unable to grasp ahold of ‘Salvation’–strange as it may seem. I have always been interested in ‘church’ – was playing the organ. I was a sober youth, went to college, got married when I was a Jr. But my husband deserted me after 3 yr. marriage…no child.

    Robert, the life I have lived for the last 35 yrs. was never mine!!! I would have never put myself through all this ‘persecution’ — no one says, “I’m going to self-deny and be persecuted for it by everyone in the Church!” LOL- Nobody thinks Jesus will ‘take away’ your Dreams! But my Mom well said, “What on earth have you done to yourself? YOU’VE JUST KILLED EVERY ONE OF YOUR DREAMS! YOU ACTUALLY KILLED YOURSELF!” for that is exactly what happened. Our Lord told me in 1975, “You will no longer be living for yourself.” At the time, I didn’t understand. If I had understood what road He was leading me down, I would have turned around quicker than quick!

    For i was on a road of unbearable Shame and Rejection–I can’t express it any stronger–but these ‘persecutions’ have never been MINE–they were ‘given’ to me as I ‘shared in His sufferings’. They say, Blessed are you. Well, it doesn’t feel a blesslng at the time!–Suffering the ‘shame’ of being ‘barren’ and ‘unchurched’–left out in the cold–no one talking to me. Having no good reputation–the world laughing at me. I don’t know if you can understand. You’ll first say to yourself, “She brought it all upon herself…she could have just gotten married and had children, or gone into a convent with the Catholic nuns, or she could have just kept quiet and not say anything about being ‘celibate’–lots of ways she could have avoided ‘persecutions’.”

    What does it mean to ‘no longer live for yourself?” To be a bond-servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. It means being ‘shamed’. But would you have instead tried to avoid the ‘shame’–would you have just ‘followed the church leaders’ in order to ‘get along’ and avoid their scorn? To sit on the pew being a nameless, faceless person in the crowd in some mega church–to get along by going along? To go through meaningless services and boring routines–just to escape the shame?

    Being ‘persecuted’ is hard enough–but it makes me vomit to think I would subject myself to church leadership that wants me to sit as a nameless, faceless person in the audience! My relationship to the Lord is just the opposite! He’s NOT church at all! I’m telling the truth! He’s my best friend in the world! How could you ever deny your best friend? Like denying your Mom!

    I’ll fight to my death to defend my ‘freedom in the Spirit’ any day! And you should, too! Can you understand?


  13. Regarding Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker Ministry of the 1980’s

    All America was captivated by the charming couple on Satelite TV–the PTL Club program. I was the opposite of Tammy Faye — being a celibate — making me appear ‘not blessed of God’.

    In 1985, I was passing near Heritage Village, and wanted to see for myself what Tammy Faye was up to. The minute I stepped on her property I received a word, “Hideous.” I met one of her workers who gave me a ‘tour’. After the ‘tour’ I gave this ‘word’ — then crying said, “I’m so sorry, but the Lord is going to close Tammy Faye’s ‘works’ and she will be no more.” This ‘worker’ calmly said to me, “Where did you say you were from?” “And that you are single without children, and you aren’t going to church?” Then he told me how wonderful all the great works Tammy Faye was doing for the Lord….big TV ministry — he recounted her dozens of projects. Then he said, “Sue Jull, you are very sick person, possibily demonic! But Tammy Faye is a woman of God!!!” He asked if I wanted to see one of their many counselors. I pardoned myself and quickly left.

    Being without the “authority” of Motherhood/Wedding Band, and without the ‘gathering together,’ church membership–I have always appeared to every Christians as being ‘demonic’ or ‘mentally unbalanced’–NEVER a Woman of God–seen by the church as a Disobedient Child of God.

    How wise our God–and how foolish the Church! You have to really LOL– for their Masters are the Blind leading the blind! We must learn to look to Jesus–forget about doing ‘church’. For Righteousness is not eating and drinking and playing football! Getting married and having children is not a woman’s measure of being Obedient to Christ! Neither is ‘gathering together’ in sacred buildings but for those who lack faith in the substance of things unseen–the very substance of Christ Jesus! What millions have called ‘church’ is a ‘faith’ which is merely a form of religious fervor–but in reality is Home and Hearth paganism…the Greek Goddess of Piety…holding to a form of ‘good works’ godliness without the substance of Christ. Like Tammy Faye, she wasn’t what she appeared to be!

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