Enneagram & Spiritual Formation Workshops

In light of the success of my recent Enneagram workshops, I will be offering another opportunity for those who were not able to join.

This time the sessions will be held on a Saturday morning, June 18, from 9.00-12.30. You can attend either in-person at our Kardia offices in downtown Memphis 🏢 or via Zoom 🧑🏻‍💻.

The focus of the workshops will be on utilizing the Enneagram for spiritual growth.

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What Is the Enneagram?

Plenty of people have heard about the Enneagram. It’s a very popular personality typing tool. Many have taken a test to find out their Enneatype, read a book, listened to a podcast, or perhaps all of the above.

While this tool is helpful in understanding how we’ve been created, shaped, and formed throughout our life, I see it also as a gift for our own spiritual growth and development. With that, I will be hosting some workshops on the Enneagram starting Friday, April 29.

Watch the brief video below as I explain more about the Enneagram and what I hope to accomplish in the workshops. You can register at this link: Enneagram and Spiritual Formation Workshops.

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