Is It Time to Rethink the Church Website? (Part 2)

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I recently re-posted a link to an article I wrote a couple of years back entitled, Is It Time to Rethink the Church Website?

What I have suggested is that church websites may be geared more toward the already initiated, meaning those who are a) already a part of the church or b) those who are looking for a new church (what we may call “church transfers” due to being displeased with a previous church, moving cities, etc). However, the unchurched and de-churched are not really looking for what we might usually find on church websites: statement of faith, sermon series, upcoming activities, leadership team, or donate button – if they are looking at all.

So, my question is: How can we consider being more “missional” with our church websites, engaging the non-Christian landscape.

The re-post has caused some good interaction through social media channels – both agreement and disagreement. But a bigger question has arisen as well (and the same question came up two years ago): What alternatives would I suggest to the current church website model? Continue reading

Is It Time to Rethink the Church Website?

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There’s no doubt that, with the invention of the internet and the subsequent explosion of website development, the church was handed a prime opportunity. With relatively great ease, the local church could now publicly communicate with effectiveness, even getting the gospel story out in a variety of new ways.

But recently I’ve been thinking about church websites. My mind has been contemplating this question: What is the purpose of the church website and do we need to rethink this media platform in our world today, a world that’s only about 20 years removed from the initial explosion of the “website movement”? Continue reading