If You Live in Brussels……

In brief, Visible Music Instructive (or VMI Brussels) exists to train musicians and worship leaders to serve within today’s church and the world. VMI is specifically headed up by a team of gifted musicians and worship leaders from Visible Music College, based out of Memphis, TN, in America.

Specifically, it will provide hands-on, practical musical instruction on your instrument or voice, plus music theory, music band training, and biblical input. Musical emphases include vocal, guitar, bass, keyboard and percussion/drums. We will also offer worship leading and songwriting workshops to help you grow in these important areas as well.

The dates are 27-30 July 2011 at Cornerstone.

For more info, check out the VMI website.

3 Training Opportunities in Brussels

As a shepherd-teacher, I have a deep desire for seeing God’s people equipped in the word and in ministry. We are called to be tasty salt and beautiful light into this generation and culture in which we live. And so, it is good to set aside times for deeper and intensive training.

In the coming weeks and months, we are hosting 3 different training opportunities at Cornerstone in Brussels. Continue reading

Free Online Master’s Level Training

Some of you will know that I received an MA degree in Theological Studies (MATS) from Covenant Theological Seminary, located in St. Louis. Back before I started the degree, I had considered moving to St. Louis to undertake a theological degree that included studies in Hebrew and Greek. This would have led to an MA in Exegetical Theology (MAET). But, after much prayer, counsel and consideration, I decided it best to stay in the Memphis area at the time and continue in some training through the music-ministry college known as Visible School (I recommend checking out their website as well).

Interestingly enough, Covenant Seminary is, and has been, offering many of their master’s level courses all for free. They have made available the teaching notes and lecture audio files for 28 of their master’s level classes at their Worldwide Classroom website. This means that anyone is allowed to download the audio files and lecture notes for their own personal study. Covenant offers such classes as:

  • Ancient and Medieval Church History
  • Reformation and Modern Church History
  • Apologetics and Outreach
  • Calvin’s Institutes
  • Christ-Centered Preaching
  • Christian Ethics
  • God and His Word
  • God’s World Mission
  • Many Old Testament classes
  • Many New Testament classes
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Educational Foundations
  • Many Systematic Theology classes
  • And other classes

Each class has anywhere from 15 to 30 lectures, each lecture being an average of 45 minutes long. And there is also an individual lecture guide to download, which goes along with the each audio lecture. Of course, you won’t get the official master’s degree by just listening to the audio files and taking notes. Still, it, no doubt, presents an opportunity to further your own study of Scripture and theological topics.

So, if you are interested in checking out what is offered, visit their Worldwide Classroom website. You might find some interesting materials.

Seminar on Understanding Islam

On Saturday, 6 November, Cornerstone International is hosting Dr Patrick Sookhdeo to tell about his work with The Barnabas Fund and to give a seminar on helping Christians understand Islam, all that we might be better equipped to be salt and light to Muslims.

If you are in the Brussels area of Belgium and would like to join us, please do! This is open to all churches in the area!