Devotional Reading with The Message

Recently, I have been utilising The Message paraphrase version of the Bible for devotional reading. I have been in Matthew’s Gospel and I must say it has been a refreshing read.

I know that those who of a more theological bent might not recommend this version of Scripture, seeing it as an extremely contemporary, even erroneous, paraphrase of the Bible. Many see it as failing to hit close to the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek. I agree this is true at times. But there is no doubt it has been a refreshing cup of water for me over the holidays as I have been reading through Matthew’s Gospel. Lo and behold, I even sense the God-breathed nature of Scripture even with this paraphrase-translation of Eugene Peterson.

So, while my normal study and devotional reading is based in the ESV text, I have truly enjoyed dipping back into The Message over recent days. And I might continue it for a while.

Christmas Message

Below is the audio to my short Christmas message at Cornerstone from Sunday (merely 3:11 long). It was based out of Luke’s Gospel, specifically this phrase in vs30-31 of The Message versionGod has a surprise for you.