Brief Thought on the Positive of Academia

For some, they feel the deep call into the world of academia. For others, not so much. And there is everything else in between.

Of course, there is also the extreme of seeing the world of academia non-important, especially when it comes to dealing with biblical studies and theology.

And then one can swing the pendulum to far to the other side top where study never leads to the life of Christ, but to being puffed up in knowledge (1 Cor 8:1), even pushing one away from Christ (i.e. John 5:39-40). Continue reading

Reading Too Much

I saw this quote by John Newton over at Desiring God. Quite interesting.

It is far from my intention to depreciate the value or deny the usefulness of books, without exception: a few well-chosen treatises, carefully perused and thoroughly digested, will deserve and reward our pains; but a multiplicity of reading is seldom attended with a good effect.

Besides the confusion it often brings upon the judgment and memory, it occasions a vast expense of time, indisposes for close thinking, and keeps us poor, in the midst of seeming plenty, by reducing us to live upon a foreign supply, instead of labouring to improve and increase the stock of our own reflections.

– John Newton in his letter “A Plan of a Compendious Christian Library” (Works of John Newton, Volume 1, 236).

I am also reminded of these challenging words by the wise teacher of Ecclesiastes:

Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh. (Ecclesiastes 12:12b)

I love to read, theology and spiritual-devotional books. I love to study, especially theology. Even so much that, at times, I can find myself delighting in it above Him who is to be our greatest delight. Father, guard my heart. Father, guard our hearts