My Beautiful Son

Can I just say that I have a beautiful son? He is so cute. I know I am probably a bit biased, but you will just have to endure it. At least it isn’t a theological bias in this article.

Caleb is growing up so much these days. Time flies, as they say. He is now six and a half months old. He loves his baby walker, scooting along the floor like a little froggie. He is eating big people food now – apples, bananas, pears, kiwi, carrots, potatoes, etc. Obviously, they are mashed up. But he is growing up. And this means solid poop now! And he also gets to sit with mommy and daddy at the table in his high chair.

Pretty soon he will be crawling and saying his first words. He is already trying to speak with this cute little formation of the letter B. He says something like this – Bwuuu, bwuuu, bwuuu.

He had his first Christmas just a couple weeks back. Of course, he didn’t know really much that was going on with it all. Sometimes he was more interested in the wrapping paper, since it makes crunching noises. And, as normal, everything must go into the mouth.

We went to England for Christmas, a chance to visit his British side of the family. Just before we left, he was very ill. Turned out he had bronchitis. We only went to the doctor because the temperature read 39.3 Celsisus (102 Fahrenheit). Extreme even for adults! They said it would usually turn to pneumonia, since babies don’t know how to cough up that yucky stuff in the lungs. So we were given a respirator breathing machine that we had to use 3 or 4 times a day for 10 minutes at a time, all to help clear him up. Thankfully it fit in one of the suitcases.

But in England, he got to see his granddad Tim for the first time (Cat’s father) and he got to meet his great-grandmother (Tim’s mom, or mum). That was good, since he was able to meet his great-grandfather back in September when we visited the US. His favourite little gift has been an interactive Winne the Pooh book, which came equipped with all sorts of talking voices, blinking lights, songs, etc.

So, there we go. Just a little update on our son. Below are two great pics that I thought I would post for people to view.

My Son In The Sun

Just a couple of weeks ago, my family and I went to Florida. Obviously, part of that trip would include hanging out on the beach.

Well, here below is a picture of my three month old son chillin’ on the beach. Of course, we kept him out of the sun – in a baby tent in the shade. Hope you smile from this pic.