Pondering How to Live Out This Verse

With Awareness Sunday taking place tomorrow, on the 10-year anniversary of the infamous 9/11, there is one verse I desire to focus in on tomorrow.

How do we live this out in our global world today?

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. (Rom 12:18) Continue reading

Salvation – Is There More?

This week, in preparation for finishing out Cornerstone’s larger series on gifts of the Spirit in 1 Cor 12, and a shorter series on healings and miracles (last week’s teaching here), I took up a study on the two words salvation and peace.

My study was like a cold glass of water on a summer’s day as I realised the larger setting to which these words speak.

You see, we tend to set these words simply within a ‘spiritual’ context. And actually, that is not incorrect, for the word spiritual simply refers to that which is ‘of God’s Spirit’. But we normally think that, when something is spiritual, it is something more ethereal or for something ‘up there’. But to be spiritual is to be of God’s Spirit, which is very directly related to the work of God within the framework of our world.

And so, to speak of salvation being ‘spiritual’ is no grave problem if we keep in mind that this entails the activity of God within all of life, not just a part of life. Continue reading