I’m sorry you can no longer breathe

I Can't Breathe

A mural of George Floyd has been painted at the Cup Foods site where Floyd was arrested by Minneapolis police and later died in custody. Judy Griesedieck for MPR News

There have been a few times‬
‪These past months
‪When I couldn’t breathe.‬
‪Panic attacks as I thought‬
‪About life in a pandemic.‬
‪What would happen to me,
My family?
‪Would I make it through‬
‪To the other side‬
‪And see and finally breathe?
‪I made it through.
I can breathe.‬
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I Still See The Beauty

How could a crown equal cross and nails?
I still see the beauty.
It seemed the divine had truly failed;
I still see the beauty.
With all the blood beneath the core;
I still see the beauty.
With all the foolishness, there could be no more;
I still see the beauty.

Ridicule, tears and pain
Ground soaked by stain
Voices hoarse, curse his name
Brokenness of body and frame
I still see the beauty.

Grasping for air as body sinks;
I still see the beauty.
Of wrath endured no one can speak;
I still see the beauty.
A cry echoes loud that day;
I still see the beauty.
Questions follow within the shame;
I still see the beauty.

Forgiveness, life and joy
Unspeakable, there stands no ploy
Soul is stilled, serenity
New creation provided for humanity
I now taste the beauty.
I now drink the beauty.
I now dance the beauty.
I now sing the beauty.

I still see the beauty.

I Looked Into The Mirror

I knew of one who was once locked up tightly,
The room to move was only ever so slightly.
Mind in turmoil, and bleeding heart in despair,
The pain to endure, another would not deem fair.
The rules were followed, the line was walked straight,
Yet those were left wanting as words closed other gates.
Contempt for self, no knowledge of true life,
The battle raged on, each new day beginning with strife.
And I looked into the mirror.

I knew of one who was brought into freedom,
To hear the words, you might even want to read them.
A new story to begin, a new story to pen,
The pages to be filled over and over again.
Serenity to mind and eyes see the colour so bright,
Truth has broken chains, oh, with the greatest of might.
Celebrate with wine, make merry with cheer,
Let it be loud, let each and everyone hear.
And I looked into the mirror.

Let Us Not Defer

‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick,’
But sometimes it is not ours to pick.
Too many have awaited their answer,
Even liberation from the oppressor.
So it leaves for humanity many a questions,
And many times lacking one easy solution.
But let that not distort, let that not cause stumble,
For, though queries remain, the call is stay humble.
Think it not foolish, rather see it as wise,
To embrace long-suffering, for there will be a prize.
As one sage claims, ‘Desire fulfilled is life.’
But even the present points to eternity’s cry.
Hence, stay the course, endure with honor,
But do it not alone, even rely on one’s brother.
Keep your heart assured, though all come against,
For we will come through fulfilling hope’s dream in the end.


Below is a short poem I have written:

Amazed, I am, at the bigger picture;
Heart enlivened to feel the flicker.
Our journey’s superior to words on paper;
Deadening the drama never made us greater.
If only you know by parchment and ink,
Tis no satisfaction for longings so deep.
Only drinking from the cup of life’s great treasure,
Can we truly taste delight and unearth truest pleasure.