Be Kind, Hard Battles Are Being Fought

I recently came across this quote below. Though it is not absolutely clear who penned (or spoke) these words, most attribute the line to Plato.

‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’

This is one of the more powerful one-sentence statements that I have read in quite a while. It has really gripped my heart, leaving me to ponder it quite a lot.

You know, whenever I see people that are different from me or don’t approach life as I do, or even more, they are outright obnoxious, it’s easy to judge them. A week or so ago, some varying families that we know got together. Our connection was that we all have very small children and the mom’s have been involved in coffee mornings with the children playing together.

The time was actually quite nice. But one thing that stuck with me was that one person present did not seem to have a filter on their mouth (meaning they were willing to blurt out just about anything). I was quite judgmental as I thought about this person. And while having a filter of wisdom in which we watch our words (i.e. what we read about in Proverbs) is a very good thing, later on these words quoted above came to the forefront of my mind. Continue reading