Uvalde Reflections: Guns Were Made for One Thing

One would have to live on another planet to not be aware of the mass shooting that took place yesterday at a school in Uvalde, Texas. Thus far, the tally is 19 children and 2 teachers have died from the attack. This only 10 days after the supermarket shooting in Buffalo in which 10 people were killed.

Sometimes I see things posted about how automobiles, knives, and other such things kill more people than guns do. With that in mind, I want to offer something to reflect on.

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Why I Hold to Non-Violence (or Pacifism)


Our world is riddled with violence. From verbal to physical, personal violence to collective violence such as war. It is everywhere. Our neighborhoods, the news, social media, across national lines, within national lines and more.

So it’s difficult to even consider a life of non-violence.

Very difficult.

Yet, that is the place I found myself some years ago. I was pulled slowly toward the gift of non-violence. And, so, I am now an advocate of non-violence across all areas of life.

Now, let me make clear that, in championing non-violence, I do not consider myself “better” than others. Honestly, I don’t. And if I were to, I’d need to watch it. This is simply the journey I’m on and the position of which I am an advocate. I want non-violence to affect my personal life and I want it to affect the way I live in society.

In all, I have chosen non-violence as a very practical way to live out the peace, or shalom and well-being, of God.

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