The Rule of Christ in Our World Today?

Last night, I finished up Tom Wright’s book, Simply Jesus. I plan to provide a short review of the book, along with its companion, How God Became King. But, for now, I thought I would share a quote from the book which I found challenging.

As is his approach in many of his books, in the final chapter, Wright brings out some practical implications on the subject at hand, mainly what it means for Jesus to be king in our world today. To this question, here are some of his thoughts on what this might look like: Continue reading

Just Purchased The Kingdom New Testament

I very much appreciate the writings of N.T. Wright. I’m currently reading his book, Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why It Matters, which is a partner text with his most recent publication, How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels. I hope to post a shorter, combined review in the coming weeks. I’ve also enjoyed Wright’s works on various other topics such as Scripture and Pauline theology.

So, with having an Amazon gift card, I decided to purchase his translation of the New Testament entitled, The Kingdom New Testament. It goes by the title, The New Testament For Everyone in Britain, which is where my Amazon account is currently connected. Continue reading

The Whole Sweep of Scripture

I’ve posted this up before, but here is a short, 7-minute video with a beautiful explanation on the importance of understanding the whole sweep of Scripture.

N.T. Wright takes time to emphasise how we should be drawn to reading whole books, whole gospels, whole epistles, and not simply little snippets. He compares it to the reality of going to hear a Beethoven symphony and only hearing 5 bars at a time. We would feel robbed if such happened, feeling we missed out on the whole intended musical piece. Continue reading