Review of NIV2011

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, provides a good introductory review for the new NIV2011. It comes in 4 parts:


Hopefully many, if not all, are aware of the newly published NIV2011. It was available on the web at near the end of 2010, but only became available in print as of March 2011.

Yesterday, I received my print copy of the NIV2011. I’m a little behind because 1) I might not even find a printed copy of this version in Belgium for a little longer and 2) the NIV2011 was not released in the closest English speaking country (the UK) until May. Hence the delay for me.

I’ve engaged with the new NIV text a little bit via the internet and via my iPad. But I am now thinking this may become my main text for now. Continue reading