Prodigal Thought Podcast: Different Perspectives on Studying Scripture

podcastIn this newest podcast episode, I particularly look at some larger perspectives on reading and studying Scripture, particularly 3 points that may have not been considered before. Lo and behold, we have a special guest with us – N.T. Wright.

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N.T. Wright on Same-Sex Marriage

wedding-ringsBelow is a brief video clip in which New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright, engages a question from British evangelist, J. John. The question revolves around the major hot-button issue of western culture today: same-sex marriage.

I appreciate what Wright has to offer, for he looks to approach things from a big-picture perspective. It’s not just about engaging a handful of verses scattered throughout Scripture (though we can and should dive into particular passages). Rather, it begins with the larger, sweeping narrative of the story of God playing out amongst the people of God and the world. What is the grand narrative of Scripture telling us about this most holy thing we call marriage? Continue reading

Christians Hoodwinked by Modernism

n-t-wrightI’m currently reading my review copy of N.T. Wright’s new book, Surprised by Scripture. In the book, he takes up exploring how the Bible can be applied to some of the most pressing contemporary issues facing us. In the coming week or so, I’ll post up a fuller book review. However, I wanted to briefly look at an issue brought up in his chapter How the Bible Reads the Modern World.

In this specific chapter, Wright sheds light on how a modernist, Enlightenment paradigm has directed the way the Bible is read in much of the western world today. But, surprisingly, what many might not know is that the modernist template was actually adopted by most Christians in the western hemisphere as well.

How so?

Let me first start by quoting some of Wright’s thoughts: Continue reading

Wright, Healthcare & the Great Debate

35Over at the Internet Monk blog, there is an article posted today entitled: Mike Bird: N.T. Wright and Michael Kruger on Healthcare. It’s basically an article discussing healthcare ideas, bringing in the thoughts of 3 various theologians:

  • Mike Bird – Australian Anglican, Lecturer in Theology at Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry
  • N.T. Wright – British Anglican, Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews in Scotland
  • Michael Kruger – American Reformed, I am President and Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary

The gist of the Internet Monk article is this: Mike Bird critiques Michael Kruger’s challenges to N.T. Wright’s favorable thoughts toward social healthcare.

Confused yet?

Read the article at Internet Monk and I think it will be clearer (it’s not a long post). But here is a summary: Continue reading