Defining “Charismatic”

By Marv, posting colleague at To Be Continued.

The conversation continues over at Parchment and Pen, between Cessationist C. Michael Patton and Continuationist Sam Storms. The current round aims at definition of terms, particularly asking the question: “What Does it Mean to Be Charismatic?” Each one has proposed a theory and definition, first Patton, then Storms.

Patton proposes a spectrum (graphically a wedge), in which the main players fall into the following range: Continue reading

The White Dove Inn

As I mentioned last week, Michael Patton has started a new series on continuationism and cessationism. Marv, my colleague over at To Be Continued, and I thought we would interact with this new series, similar to what we did with his previous series.

In this newer series of posts, Patton is adding a new aspect to it. He is now interacting with the well-known continuationst, Sam Storms.

So below, Marv gets us started off with interacting with the series. Nothing much theological to engage with at this point. But both have shared their stories of how they came to be where they are today with the work of the Holy Spirit. We know more theologically ‘meaty’ issues will arise in future podcasts and posts.

By Marv

Three theobros, friends, colleagues, agreeing on much, differing on some things, sitting around the studio in relaxed but intelligent banter–joined together with joy, but for a serious purpose. And the podcast is ours to enjoy, to learn, to be edified by. It’s great stuff. I keep thinking though–all it needs is Rod Rosenbladt periodically saying “That’s HUGE!!!” Continue reading

Interaction with Michael Patton

Those who follow this blog or my other co-authored blog at To Be Continued, you might remember that, back in the summer, my partner in crime, Marv, and I interacted with Michael Patton’s in depth series entitled, Why I Am Not A Charismatic.

At the time, we made a PDF document available, as Michael had previously done as well. Well, rather than the previous two PDF documents being posted – Michael’s and our’s – I am now posting one PDF document that incorporates both series into the one document. So, what you have in this new document is Michael’s part 1, followed by ours, Michael’s part 2, followed by ours, etc, etc, all the way through to the full 8-part series. I believe this will allow for a better reading flow and make it easier to follow our interaction with Michael’s series.

So, for those interested, here is the link to the one PDF document that incorporates both series into one easier to follow document: Response to Michael Patton’s “Why I’m Not Charismatic”.

Articles Interacting with Michael Patton on Continuationism & Cessationism

A few weeks back, I mentioned that, over at our tag-team blog, To Be Continued, Marv and I have been working through a series in which we are interacting with Michael Patton’s own series at his blog entitled, Why I am Not Charismatic. You can even download his articles in a 22-page PDF document. Maybe Marv and I can provide the same when we finish.

We are currently looking to post at least one article per week. Thus far, we have posted up three specific articles. I will be posting part 4 this coming week. If you are interested in the three articles, the links are below:

  1. Article 1 – by Marv
  2. Article 2 – by me
  3. Article 3 – by Marv

We would love your interaction over at To Be Continued.

Michael Patton on Why He Is Not a Charismatic

Michael Patton of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, and the blog Parchment & Pen, has recently re-posted his full series entitled, Why I Am Not A Charistmatic. Patton is not anti-charismatic, but would rather call himself a de-facto cessationist. This means that, because he has never really experienced what he believes is true prophecy or healings or miracles, it has thus led him to be a default cessationist.

You can also download the full 22-page PDF file from the posted article. This might be a good series to interact with in the near future. So check it out over at Parchment & Pen.

You can also find a couple of different blogs which are currently interacting with the series. The blog New Leaven has put up two articles thus far: part 1 and part 2. Also, you can read a few comments at the blog Near Emmaus.