The Greatest Prayer – Book Review

First of all, thanks to HarperOne for sending me this review copy.

When noting the main title of this book, The Greatest Prayer, I am not sure many people would be drawn to it. ‘Is it another Prayer of Jabez type book?’, one might ask. The subtitle gives more clarity into the subject matter of the book, Rediscovering the Revolutionary Message of the Lord’s Prayer. Still, I’m not sure many would be drawn to a book discussing what we call ‘the Lord’s prayer’.

Even more of a hurdle, at least for evangelical Christians, is the reality that the book’s author is John Dominic Crossan. For many evangelicals, this name has been seen as a blemish upon Christianity. Why? Crossan was the co-founder of the Jesus Seminar and a proponent of what is known in scholarly circles as higher criticism of the biblical text. Continue reading