Reaching & Training the Nations

As I mentioned, this week I had the opportunity to travel over to England to be with many of the leaders that we work with in the UK. I continue to be amazed at the doors open to a relatively smaller grouping of churches. But God has been gracious to entrust such opportunities to us around the world.

From India to southern Africa to South America to the Asiatics to the western world, it is no doubt stirring to see what is taking place as we partner with churches and ministries in the varying parts of the world.

This week we also launched a new website that more fully explains what we are about. Currently, Lifelink International has been the banner under which our churches have worked. And such will continue to exist. But the larger banner we are now identified by is Global Horizons. This new website explains even more fully what we are about with regards to church, ministry, training, and serving in humanitarian aid.

I am back to the UK again next week for another opportunity to spend time with some of our leaders. I look forward to more time for strengthening and encouragement.

Travel to England

Our church, Cornerstone, works closely with the family of churches known as Lifelink International. Therefore, a few times a year, we have the opportunity to travel to be with the leaders of our churches based in the UK. And they also come to visit us every few months. This is flows out of the understanding that church at its core is relational. This is not the only way to express relationship amongst churches working together, but it is a very helpful way. Such opportunities provide encouragement and strength to the leaders and churches working together.

For the next 2 weeks, I am excited to head over to England for just this – to be with church leaders, interact with staff and students at our ministry college (Trinity School of Theology), and see what God is doing around the globe amongst those with whom we have the opportunity to work.

So, I head off to the Eurostar very soon. I hope to post an article this week, one building off some thoughts that have come from my recent review of Eugene Peterson’s book, Eat This Book. And of course, though we shall see how it all unfolds, I do hope to post some thoughts next week on Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins. I’m just over halfway through with it now.

God’s Healing Power at Work

A few week’s back, I shared a video of a friend of mine from a partner church in England. It was about some amazing work that took place during his trip to India in the spring of 2010.

Well, below is another video from another partner church of ours in Glastonbury, England. These amazing things are taking place in the town of Glastonbury. Exciting stuff!

Great Work in India

Earlier in 2010, a friend of mine, Geoff Brown, headed to India to spend some time alongside the churches and leaders we work with in India.

Though my friend, Geoff, believed in the continuing miraculous works and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and had seen those and been used in some of those in the past, God really moved in incredible ways, well beyond what Geoff had expected.

Below is a short video in which Geoff shares some of the amazing work which God did while he was amongst our friends in India.