Kingdom Conspiracy

kingdom_conspiracyA month or so ago, I received a review copy of Scot McKnight’s newest release through Brazos Press. It’s entitled Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church. McKnight is one of the leading New Testament scholars alive today and I have personally appreciated his writings, especially his 2 books The Blue Parakeet and The King Jesus Gospel. You can also check out his blog, Jesus Creed.

His new release is almost like a “part 2” of The King Jesus Gospel, taking us a bit further in not just understanding the gospel, but the kingdom of God and the church. Continue reading

God’s Original Intention For Humanity

This past Sunday, I spoke about God’s original intention for humanity from the beginning. It’s not too dissimilar to what I wrote about yesterday. This was a continuation of our series on the kingdom of God at Cornerstone.

So feel free to listen to the message below, or you can download and listen from our podcast or iTunes. Also, my notes are posted below as a summary of the message. Continue reading

Two Persons, Two Responses

Matthew’s Gospel begins with the story of the Old Testament. We don’t  really see this today when we read those first 17 verses of chapter 1. Eesh!! Names!! But Matthew is communicating that this is the continuation of the story.

The account quickly moves into the birth of God’s Messiah-King and into the beginning proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom.

Then, the rest of the Gospel gives us God’s Messiah-King, Jesus, teaching us the ways of the kingdom and displaying the power of the kingdom.

The first major teaching section is known by the title the Sermon on the Mount. This might be one whole setting or a collection of settings put together in one ‘sermon’ (or homily) format. But what we find in Matthew chs.5-7 is foundational to what it means to live out the rule of God, not just as individuals, but as a whole people of the kingdom.

‘You’ve heard it said……., but this is really and centrally what it means to live in accordance with God’s rule and reign on earth as it is in heaven.’

And Jesus ends out by comparing two types of people in Matt 7. A well-known passage, no doubt. I think the comparison actually extends not just from vs24-27, but from vs15-27. And, at the end of it all (vs28-29), the people are taken aback by the authority by which God’s Messiah is teaching. They’ve never heard such before. This is something different from the status quo.

Maybe they ought to get used to responding that way when they hear Jesus teach and see Jesus display God’s power. Continue reading

The Priority of the Kingdom

Last week on my blog, I posted my sermon teaching from Cornerstone. I had specifically started a series on the kingdom of God and began by looking at how the gospel and the kingdom rule of God are very intricately connected. You can click the link to hear and/or read my message notes.

So this week, I do the same by posting the audio and message notes below. I continued on in the series by looking at 4 pointers to the priority of the kingdom. And, yes, the kingdom even takes priority over church, God’s ekklesia. Continue reading

Why Do We Run & Jump to Paul?

So I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about the gospel these days. And I know I need to post part 3 of my series on evangelism soon (part 1 is here; part 2 is here).

Surrounding this whole discussion, I believe there is a serious question we all need to ask ourselves concerning the gospel:

Why is it that we so easily run and jump to Paul’s writings rather than starting with Christ and the Gospels (or we could even ask about starting from the creation)? Continue reading