Perfect Love

On Saturday, I posted up an article with regards to what God has been stirring in me from 1 John 4:14-18. My heart has been gripped with the reality of John’s words – We have come to know and believe the love God has for us.

These are experiential words coming from the pen of John. He is one so captured by the love of the Father seen in the Son, Jesus, that he identifies this love as perfect love. And we all know what perfect love does – casts out fear (and I suspect it deals with a few more things, though I shared how I believe fear is connected to much of our deep wounds and inner-sin). Continue reading

John & the Love of God

Last Sunday, on Easter Sunday, I approached things from a little different perspective than the normal Easter message (at least I suppose it was not the usual approach). I didn’t focus specifically on the cross or the resurrection, but I focused in on a passage from 1 John 4:14-16.

Many will know John is the beloved disciple. Jesus is the eternal Son of God, even in his life on earth. But being also fully human, he approached life as we would, having a closer circle of friends, though he was ultimately pouring into their lives and teaching them the ways of the Father. We know there was the twelve. But there was also the closer connection with Peter, James and John. And then, within that three, you might say John was the closest friend Jesus had as a human being (at least as John presents it, and I trust John’s testimony).

And so, we read some intimate passages from the pen of John (and some extremely apocalyptic-prophetic visions in Revelation as well). One very intimate portion is found in his first epistle. He writes like a father to his children. It’s quite beautiful. Continue reading