My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts?

During the summer months of July & August, we at Cornerstone are engaged in a short series from Isaiah 55. I’ve shared before about my love for Isaiah, especially the second half of the book and it’s message of new creation, restoration and healing that would come in a new age initiated by God’s Messiah-Christ. Such stirring words, to say the least!

We are taking 5 weeks to cover what is ch.55. We’ve broken it down into these 5 parts:

  • Vs1-3a – The Invitation to Feast
  • Vs3b-5 – God’s Faithfulness to David & Us
  • Vs6-7 – The Call to Seek the Lord
  • Vs8-11 – God’s High Calling & Faithful Word
  • Vs12-13 – The Fruit of God’s New Age

On Sunday, I took up part 4, looking particular at vs8-11. These are extremely well-known words: Continue reading

The Messianic Age Is Here!

We are currently working our way through a short summer series at Cornerstone called, ’55 for 5′. We are looking at Isaiah 55 over 5 Sundays. I have been pretty stirred about the series, as I love Isaiah and this particular chapter follows some direction of the Lord given to us a year ago from Isaiah 54:1-3.

Last week, I looked at vs1-3a. From it, I highlighted 3 points:

  • Vs1 – the invitation – Come
  • Vs2 – the question – Why?
  • Vs3a – the call – Listen

I also spent quite some time considering the imagery of water, wine, milk and bread (also giving out each of the items to 4 celebrated winners in our church!).

On Sunday, I’m moving on to look at vs3b-5. Continue reading

The Book of Isaiah

I recently passed along my notes on the book of Isaiah to someone and, so, I thought I might post a PDF document of the notes I put together about 4 years ago from when I taught Old Testament studies at a ministry-theology college. Isaiah’s words are long and, thus, this document is 70 pages. But feel free to download and utilise if you would like. I, of course, mention many other resources to us.

Click on the link to download the file: Book of Isaiah