Videos in Honour of Steve Jobs

I think the world now knows that Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple. But he will still be with the company as Chairman of the Board.

Whether an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac laptop or desktop, most of us have probably owned some kind of Apple device in our life. I just purchased the new MacBook Pro with OS X Lion. Quite a superb little computer.

For a little remembrance, and maybe some chuckles, I post below a pic showing the evolution of products in Apple/Mac, as well as the first commercial-adverts for the iPod and iPhone.

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Google Translate App

Earlier this week, a friend of mine let me know about an application on iTunes called Google Translate.

Many of you will know I live in Belgium and am currently learning Dutch, as it is one of two main languages in Belgium (the other being French, though German is the official third language). On my iPhone, I had downloaded an app that translates Dutch to English, and vice versa. I think I probably paid $1.99 for it.

But this Google Translate app has to be the best translation app by far, mainly for 4 reasons:

  1. It’s free.
  2. You can translate text for 57 languages.
  3. For 15 of the languages, you can translate by speaking the text instead of typing it.
  4. For 23 of the languages, you can listen to your translation spoken aloud.

So, for me, this was great because English and Dutch (and French for later on) were included in the speaking and listening components of the translator. It’s not that I am going to be pulling this out to translate Dutch into English (or the other way around) every moment of the day. But I was simply fascinated that the voice recognition software clearly picked up my voice. I was doing test words, phrases and sentences that I already knew in Dutch, and they were spot on in translation! The only time it didn’t get it perfect was when I switched to a very southern, country American accent.

Anyways, if you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, do a search on iTunes for Google Translate and download the app. And you can read about it more here.

Kindle Books Now Top Seller at Amazon

I was recently made aware of an article/statement released by just yesterday, 27 January 2011. The main statement that caught my attention (and would possibly catch yours) is this:

‘Kindle books have now overtaken paperback books as the most popular format on’ (Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

Quite an interesting statement, to say the least.

I had an iPod Touch, but now have an iPhone. So I have the Kindle app (as well as the new Google e-reader app, which is not as good as Kindle at this point). On my iPod Touch/iPhone, I have read 2 books thus far via the Kindle app (as well as 1 book via the Google e-reader app).

To be honest, the first experience wasn’t that wonderful. And I am sure many first-timers felt the same. With that initial encounter with my e-reader device, I dipped into a more theological work. I think that is why it proved somewhat difficult. Since I was not used to and had not learned how to take notes in the Kindle app, I didn’t want to try it out (though I think I attempted something quickly). Reading a more scholarly, theological work proved somewhat frustrating because I wanted to underline statements here and leave a little note on a page there. But I didn’t want to take them time to learn (yeah, it would have probably been a whole 10 minutes!) So I ended up buying a paper copy of that book.

But my second experience was much better because I read a fiction book. For such, I didn’t need to take any notes or underline anything. That was a much more enjoyable experience.

Still, I am aware, as you can see by the quoted statement above, that the world is heading more and more towards e-books. Over the holiday period, I actually thought about investing in a Kindle itself, or something even nicer such as an iPad or other internet tablet. But a part of me is old fashioned a loves a paper copy.

But, hey, we are headed that way. I suppose in 10 years (if not before) most people will have moved towards e-reading devices (smart phones, internet tablets, etc) and paper books will have slowly faded to the background, somewhat of a thing of the past, though they mind still be around. I even noted earlier this week on a tweet that one private school in Tennessee (my home state in the US) is mandating iPads for students next year. Hence, we are definitely headed that way. Not to mention that Apple recently announced that they have reached 10 billion apps available at their App Store.

Thus, I am thinking of getting my next fiction book (maybe all of them) through my Kindle app on my iPhone. But I won’t start buying theological works via the Kindle app until I have something like a Kindle or iPad/internet tablet. I want something larger that is mainly dedicated to books. At that point, I will make the effort to learn how to note-take on the device.

There you have it – my story, but more importantly, the statement of CEO and founder about the major shift that took place as we wrapped up the year 2010.

iPhone and Skype

First off, for Christmas, I was blessed to be able to purchase an iPhone for the first time. I have had an iPod Touch for the past two and a half years, which has been nice, but I now have an ‘upgrade’. Now, it is a used 3GS, rather than a new 4G, but that is just fine with me.

Also, for those with an iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, Skype just released a new version of their app that now supports video. Before you could only use it as a phone service on your iOS devices. Now it can be used as a video-phone.

Free ESV Application for iPhone/iPod Touch

The full ESV Bible is now available for free for your iPhone or iPod Touch. And the great thing (besides it being free) is that you don’t even have to be connected to the internet to gain access to the application and its features.

Some of the features include:

  • Cross references and footnotes
  • Comprehensive concordance
  • Making your own notes in the application
  • Highlighting verses and saving those markers
  • And other such features

You can download the ESV application from iTunes.