In His Incarnation, Jesus Didn’t Know Everything – And This Can Encourage Us

Somewhat of a provoking title, I suppose. But let me flesh this out (no pun intended on Jesus’ humanity).

A few weeks back, I wrote an article on the humanity of Jesus and the nature of temptation for him. Presently, I have been reconsidering some things regarding my Christology (understanding of Christ). Nothing that I believe is unorthodox, but I am rethinking some things in regards to the outworking of Christ’s humanity and incarnation. Anyways, you can read more by following the link.

But this article is obviously connected to the former. And my thesis is that, a) in his incarnation, Jesus did not know everything and b) this can be an encouragement to us. Continue reading

What If God Was One of Us?

In 1995, when I was a mere 16-year old teenager, in the midst of the alternative rock craze, a song was released by singer-songwriter, Joan Osborne, entitled What If God Was One of Us (click on the link of the song to hear it and see the video).

Though I am not sure if the song is somewhat mocking or not, it’s still a thought-provoking song.

Of course, for Christians, we would say God has become one of us, literally, in Jesus Christ. We use the word incarnation to refer to this act of the divine Son of God becoming human to reveal the Father and accomplish His purposes.

And, though every Christian holds to this great and important belief of historic, orthodox Christianity, I think it’s possible to simply hold to the belief so much as to allow our theology to line up with historic Christianity, but we keep it just enough at arms-length so that we miss a very important practical understanding of what it meant for Christ to be fully human.¬†And I think this comes through greatest when we talk of Christ and the temptations he endured. Continue reading