Oops…My Language

I suppose the title of this article threw some people off. I am not referring to filthy curse words coming from my mouth. I am talking about something a little more practical, yet silly.

It has to do with my English.

You see, if you weren’t already aware, I am an American. But I have a little British background. My wife is British, I lived in the UK from August 2003 to July 2006, and I now travel over a handful of times each year to meet with the various leaders within our network of churches.

So, with all these things in mind, I decided a couple of years ago to make the full switch from American-English to British-English. Just like I thought it was practical to move from Fahrenheit to Celsius and from AM/PM time to 24-hour time (what we, in America, call ‘military time’). I have not switched to a British accent, though. We all know that would be incredibly awkward! Continue reading