Our Holiday in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Recently, my wife, my son and I were incredibly blessed with the opportunity to holiday-vacation in Tenerife, Canary Islands (which is just off the northwest coast of Africa). We had an amazing time, as I suppose one would only expect. It was beautiful, it was warm (one day it got up to 41 degrees Celsius, 106 Fahrenheit), it was relaxing. Not much else you could ask for.

We stayed at a beautiful resort centre – Santa Barbara – on the south coast of the Tenerife Island. Here is a picture overlooking the resort from our balcony.

We mainly spent time at the pool of the hotel, as the beach we were closest to was more of a rocky beach than sandy. But no complaints here. Here are some shots from the pool.

Though we spent most of our outdoors time at the pool, we went a couple of days to the beach – one time at the rocky beach near the resort centre and another day on a sandy beach in the north of the island (we rented a car that day and drove around the island). Here are a couple of pics of our son, Caleb, enjoying the beach.

On the day we rented the car, we drove up to El Teide, which is basically the volcano at the centre point of the island. The first pic is from our drive up the mountain, the second pic is from our drive back down.

So, there we are. A brief description and a few pics from our amazing time in Tenerife! Truly a provision of God for some time to rest and relax, and soak up some rays.

Going on Holiday to Canary Islands

I must be honest. I am quite excited about heading out on holiday on Thursday. A week away in any place would be nice. But a week away on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands will be fantastic! And even more fantastic that this is my wife and I’s first more proper holiday alone since our honeymoon, not to mention our first official holiday with our son.

The Canary Islands are set just off the northwest coast of Africa, but they are actually part of Spain. The island of Tenerife is the largest of seven islands and it has a volcano right in the middle of it. You can see pictures below.

I’m sure there are many things to do on the island – visiting the beach, driving to the top of the volcano, going fishing, shopping, restaurants, etc. But I would not be disappointed in the least if we simply sat around the pool most days, soaking up some sun rays, reading a good book or two, going for a swim, and sipping on some nice drinks like a Mojito. Wouldn’t be upset in the slighest.

I have set for two articles to be posted during the time I am away. They can be considered ‘Prodigal Thought classic re-posts’, meaning they are articles I have posted before but ones I consider worthy of a re-post. They will be central to my heart.

Enjoy. I know I will while I am away.

On Holiday

I am officially on holiday for two weeks, or vacation for my American friends. So, I don’t suppose I will be able to post much while I am away.

I posted this picture below the last time I was away for an extended period, so I thought I would leave it again and hopefully get a chuckle or two from people.

Feel free to leave any comments if you so desire.

A Holiday Blog

I am officially on holiday for two weeks, or vacation for my American friends. My sister is getting married, and thus, I have headed back across the Atlantic to a nicely warm November in Memphis. Therefore, due to this little time away, I probably won’t get to write too much on The Prodigal Thought. So I wanted to post a picture that I thought would be quite amusing for some. A friend of mine initially posted it on his blog, but now it shall appear on mine.

Leave any comments on the picture if you so desire.


This is a simple story about this past weekend. On Thursday, my wife and I rented a car from the Charleroi-South Brussels airport and headed to Switzerland. It wasn’t a spontaneous, up-and-hit-the-road-trip, as we were going to celebrate the wedding of one of my wife’s friends. But still, we were headed across western Europe, and therefore, a six hour drive seemed not bother at all.

So it was into our Ford Focus and on the road. Obviously, our first part of the road trip was heading south through Belgium, but we then went through the small country of Luxembourg (a quick hour’s drive), then onto a drive through the east side of France, south through Germany, and then onto our final destination of Switzerland. The only thing that would have made it better would have been cruise control, but that is of little consequence. And what an experience to be in five different countries in the same day, not to mention driving through them all and taking in the stunning scenery.

But, of course, the cherry on top was our actual time in Switzerland. From the Swiss cuisine of their cheese (I had it in melted fashion over potatoes and assorted vegetables) to the pure milk chocolates to a specialty dish in a Zurich restaurant, my taste buds definitely left enlightened. Even more, there was the special treat of having eyes laid on the beautiful and spacious countryside to the forest-covered mountains to the history in the city of Zurich. Granted, it rained all day on Friday, but that mattered little to soaking up the culture and life of another country.

For some, a trip to Switzerland will seem of little significance. But when you know that I am an American who usually had to travel some ten or twelve hours to get to another country, then you understand how this was a pure delight. To simply relax in a foreign land and gaze at what God had created in Switzerland was worth it all. Oh, and by the way, it was a perfect day on Saturday at the wedding. Not one rain drop, and only a few white clouds.

I do not want this to just be another country I can put on my list of places I have visited, but I want it to be part of truly experiencing the goodness of God. Amazing to think that the same God created all nations, yet all of them having their own distinctives.

I only wonder now what new land will be next in my discovery of the grace of God.