The American Liturgy On Display

superbowl 50

Americans have a liturgy.

Matter of fact, today is a major marker in the liturgical calendar of the American story. We call it the Super Bowl. In fact, this is the 50th annual premier football event, holding a most dear place within the American liturgical calendar.

But what is liturgy?
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College Football Begins

This weekend (or this week), American college football kicks off its season. My alma mater, and hometown team, the Memphis Tigers, got routed on Thursday by #20 ranked Mississippi State (my brother-in-law’s team). The score: 59-14. Ouch! I hope we can pull off a better season than last year’s 1-11 record.

I must admit, I love college sports, mainly the two big ones of football and basketball. There is not too much like it in the sporting world (at least the American sporting world). And I miss it dearly living in Belgium, though there are other good trade in’s for it. Still I miss it greatly. Continue reading

The World Cup Begins

Ladies and gentlemen, the World Cup officially starts tomorrow – Friday, 11 June 2010. The kick-off match is between the host country of South Africa and Mexico.

Living in Europe, football (or soccer) is of great importance. And I like that. But, unfortunately, living in Belgium, it is not as important as say in Germany, the Netherlands or Spain, since Belgium has not had a good team in a while. But maybe that is a plus so that we can still enjoy the World Cup but it not become the overwhelming experience that it could be. Of course, visiting England for a few days in mid-June, the climate could easily change.

The teams I will cheer for are in this order:

  1. America (Of course, my home country.)
  2. England (Of course, my wife’s home country. And I lived in the UK for 3 years, so I began to like them during that time.)
  3. Spain (I like Rafael Nadal. He is a tennis player, but that makes me cheer for his football team.)
  4. Netherlands (The closest country to Belgium. Well, don’t tell the French-speaking Belgians that.)
  5. Brazil (I have some close Brazilian friends in Belgium. So I will pull for them.)

Who are the teams that I believe have the best chance of winning it?

  1. Brazil
  2. Spain
  3. Argentina
  4. Germany
  5. Italy

Who are my favourite players?

  1. Frank Lampard (He didn’t have such a hot World Cup in 2006 for England. I hope for better.)
  2. Landon Donovan (Gotta pull for the American.)
  3. Lionel Messi (He is so smooth and a great man up front for Argentina.)
  4. Kaká (The soft-footed, intelligent Brazilian. He is supposedly a believer as well.)
  5. Fernando Torres (Like Messi, a talented wonder-boy up front for Spain.)

Who are my least favourite players?

  1. Christiano Ronaldo (I mean, doesn’t it go without saying? How could anyone like this guy? I want Portugal to lose every match because he is on their team.)
  2. I really cannot think of another player in league with Ronaldo. Maybe some mean Italian player that I don’t know there name.

We shall see how it all plays out over these next few weeks. I know I will enjoy the time. It all starts for me on Saturday with a barbeque with my Brazilian friends – picanha steak, sausage and chicken hearts on the grill!

Just for a chuckle, I post this nice little SportsCenter commercial/advert. Enjoy.