Oh No! Faithbook Has Been Created!

Just this week I was alerted to the fact that the Christian world has again risen to the challenge to create something that removes us from the culture in which we find ourselves and move us into the Christian subculture. This time, we have given our creative juices towards creating something to compete with Facebook.

Yes, it is true and it is called Faithbook.

In the past, we have created WWJD bracelets, t-shirts and hats, GodTube and so much more. And don’t forget the Testamints (little breath mints with a Scripture verse on the paper). But now we have moved into competing with the most successful social network as of today, Facebook. And its mission statement is this – Faithbook is committed to one of the most useful Christian resources in existence. Continue reading

Facebook Relationships Visualised

This week I was made aware of an interesting article and visual graphic. The graphic lays out the social network relationships across the world within Facebook. Facebook now has well over 500 million users (so about 8% of the world’s population is now on Facebook). Below is the graphic of these 500 million-plus members.

Here is the link to the article.

Now On Twitter

Well, I guess I have finally moved fully into 2010. I’ve just signed up for Twitter.

I’m connected via Facebook, blogging (two of them), YouTube, and I even still have my MySpace account (though I never use it). But I had never quite taken the step of signing up for Twitter. I guess I felt I had enough online communication, as well as plenty of online communication to update with writing blog articles, updating info on the church website and occasionally catching up with friends on Facebook.

Did I need another thing?

Well, I didn’t need another thing. But, I suppose that in 2010 (and before), Twitter is simply part and parcel with online communication. So I decided to connect The Prodigal Thought (or myself) with Twitter.

You can catch me here.

Now, my only question is whether Google’s Buzz will take over. Having a Gmail account, I’m already there. But we shall see.