The Facebook Socialist Legend

Interesting how things get around on the internet these days, heh? Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and all the other possibilities. If it weren’t for blogging and these other social media outlets, we probably would have not known as much about something like Rob Bell’s recent release, Love Wins. Nor would there have existed the more recent mania over the video Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (now sitting at some 18.5 million hits on YouTube).

But there is an even newer legend floating around on Facebook these days, one about economics and socialism. It is a ‘myth’, meaning it is a story given to try and relay truth.

It goes something like this: Continue reading

What Google & Facebook Are Hiding

So everyone is becoming more and more aware of Google’s challenge to Facebook, known as Google+ (which I posted about last week).

But check out this recent video (posted 15 July 2011) from Ted Talks. The premise is that Facebook and Google are beginning to tailor searches in a way that they think would be best for you. Internet information, searches and social networking are not so general these days, but very suited to, again, what they believe you want to read about and hear.

This can create challenges to internet searches, really creating challenges to the reason the internet was created in the first place.

See this video below for more info, and share some thoughts if you would like.

Google+ Mania. Not Just Yet.

Most people are starting to hear about Google+ these days. Though it is not available to everyone just yet, there is no doubt it is starting to get out and about with hundreds joining each and every day (if not thousands). I joined this week and invited quite a few friends. I think that for everyone who joins, they can invite up to 500 people to join as well.

But Google+ is still in testing mode.

The big question is whether Google+ will take over Facebook. Most people are skeptical and I think it mainly comes down to not wanting to learn how a new social network works. We are all up-to-date on Facebook, after the great switch from MySpace a few years back or more. We don’t want to go through another change, do we? Continue reading