The ESV’s Great Reversal


We’ve heard of the outcomes of many sporting events being reversed (I’m thinking most recently of the LSU-Auburn football game). But a great reversal took place today in the Bible-theological world.

Crossway has admitted it was a mistake to announce that the ESV “will remain unchanged in all future editions printed,” and, therefore, become the ESV Permanent Text. See the article at Christianity Today.

I posted about this decision just a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading

Free ESV Application for iPhone/iPod Touch

The full ESV Bible is now available for free for your iPhone or iPod Touch. And the great thing (besides it being free) is that you don’t even have to be connected to the internet to gain access to the application and its features.

Some of the features include:

  • Cross references and footnotes
  • Comprehensive concordance
  • Making your own notes in the application
  • Highlighting verses and saving those markers
  • And other such features

You can download the ESV application from iTunes.