On Loving Others & Self


It’s a pretty important directive handed down by Jesus. He lays it out as the second most important charge for his followers: Love your neighbor as yourself.

We know very well of our call to love God. We’re even aware of the command that follows. But I’m always struck by the phrase, “as yourself.”

Love your neighbor as yourself. Continue reading


The Peace Prayer

francis-icon-doveThis week I was doing a little reading on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. He has quite a story.

Though this prayer below is usually attributed to him, it’s fair to say he probably did not pen it. However, it still captures the essence of who he was. It very much spoke into my life and work these days.

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That R-Word


There are many words that probably don’t roll off our lips with ease. One of those words is the R-word: repentance. Perhaps we put up a good front, chant it regularly, but despise it on the inside. That’s been me, at times.

Many might imagine the word repentance as a simple sorry. That’s not what it means.

Many might imagine the word involves self-flagellation. That’s not what it means either.

But it’s a real word. A necessary word. And, yes, even a hard word. Continue reading

Advent 4: The Christmas Story Connected to the Past Story


When we turn to the pages of Matthew’s gospel account, we see a story transpiring right from the beginning. It’s a story that’s been going on for quite some time.

We know this because that’s how ch.1 begins. It’s another stressful genealogy recounting name after name, many of which we are unsure of how to pronounce. But the genealogy is a clue that a story has been unfolding, a very ancient story that harkens back to the Jewish father, Abraham (and Luke takes us back even further). Continue reading

Advent 3: The Ordinary in Extraordinary Redemption

advent candles

The Christmas story in Scripture is embedded with some extraordinary stuff. Angels announcing salvation, visionary dreams, prophetic songs, mouths being struck silent. This is no ordinary moment in time!

Yet, in my recent reading of the first chapters of Luke’s gospel, I’ve been struck by something quite the opposite. I’ve been noticing God’s redemptive work within the ordinary. Continue reading