Allah: A Christian Response by Miroslav Volf

allah miroslav volfThe tragic event of 9/11 left an indelible mark upon people not just in America, but many around the world. With such an event, coupled with other pre- and post-9/11 terrorist attacks, it has left a sense of suspicion and fear regarding Muslims.

But should this be our response, especially for Christians? Should we view all adherents of Islam through such eyes? And, even more, is there common ground between Christians and Muslims that can help us move forward in dialogue in the 21st century?

Enter in Miroslav Volf’s recent and timely publication, Allah: A Christian Response. Miroslav Volf stands as a professor of theology at Yale Divinity School and also heads up the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Here is an author, a deep-thinking C.S. Lewis type of a man, looking to open up the discussion on how Christian and Muslim relations can improve in our world today.

And so, in this post, I share my review of Miroslav Volf’s newest release. The review is somewhat long. But on such books like these, which could be classified as fairly controversial, I want to try and give in-depth information and analysis. I also apologise for no page numbers with quotes, as I am engaging with my version on the Kindle application. Continue reading