That Holiday We’re Not So Sure About

jack o lantern

Christians have deliberated on the value of Halloween for decades on end. No doubt, many Christians would rather decline an invitation to dress-up in a costume and march around the neighborhood, all with the intent of speaking the infamous words, “Trick or Treat,” at each door knocked upon.

So, is Halloween harmful, even evil? Or is it just a simple ploy to get some free candy? I mean, can’t we just dress up as clowns or firemen (or Bible characters) in our attempt to collect some complimentary candy? Continue reading

When We’ve Lost Our Voice

lost voice

My boys love dinosaurs. And that’s an understatement, to say the least! I’ve actually learned more about dinosaurs from my 6-year old than I did in elementary school, probably due to the fact that there is so much more knowledge available 25-30 years on. But he has much knowledge to pass along about the Styracosaurus or Rebbachisaurus or Yangchuanosaurus! It’s truly amazing.

And my 4-year old is learning a lot, whether from story time just before bed or listening to his brother tell about the varied dinosaur creatures.

But here is what they also love – to roar and scream like dinosaurs! Of course, what else could one expect from 2 boys?! My 4-year old can scream like a T-Rex over and over and over. Ear plugs probably wouldn’t help.

While it’s cute at times, and annoying at others, the best way we’ve counteracted the constant dinosaur screams is by explaining to him the concept of losing his voice. One day, after many attempts of belting out like the beloved T-Rex, my son’s voice started to somewhat go, sounding a little raspy. That was when we took the opportunity to enlighten him.

Joshua, it’s ok to pretend to be a dinosaur at times, but if you yell too much, you’ll lose your voice. That’s why your throat is hurting. So try doing a quiet roar. You can still look scary, but you won’t lose your voice.

I was shocked that he was willing to try this – raise his hands in a T-Rex position, open his mouth, expose his teeth, and roar, yet with hardly a sound coming out of his mouth. He’s actually learning pretty well, though not always.

Well done, my Joshua. Way to listen! Continue reading

Heroes Reborn


I love the stories of superheroes. What boy doesn’t? Yes, I’m a boy at heart in many ways. I’m happy with that. People who can fly, move at the speed of light, morph into other forms, heal themselves, save others, defeat the enemy, and more! It’s captivated me ever since I can remember. And the same is true of my own 2 boys today. Continue reading

Love Actually Wins


Last Friday marked an historic date for the U.S. Even more historic, and unprecedented, might have been the vitriolic reactions across the various social media platforms. This all came on the heels of the Charleston, South Carolina, shooting and subsequent dispute regarding the Confederate flag. Consequently, with the two combined events, we reached a level of social media expression never before experienced in the 21st century. I can only expect the future holds an even greater magnitude of reaction for forthcoming events. Continue reading

The Shack, Scripture, Ancient Jews, & Modern Americans


Yesterday, I posted an article with some details about the upcoming release of a film based upon the book, The Shack.

I’ve been watching interaction from a couple of different places on social media and, as expected, it is once again stirring up memories of the split-decision from 7-8 years ago when the book was released. Many see the value of the book; many see it as dangerous material.

Because of my recent work around the area of missiology (study of missions), I’m regularly thinking about contextualization. What does it mean to communicate the truth of God, the word of God in a particular context?

In one particular social media place, I offered some thoughts on contextualization of the word of God and so I thought I would post similar thoughts here. Continue reading