The Politicization of Everything

We live in a world today where everything is politicized. Everything. Perhaps it’s time to drop our guard and recognize that we must live in the nuance of the gray. We are also called to embody grace, listening, respect and dignity for all people, even those with whom we greatly disagree.

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Zoom, Zoom

video conferencing

Nearly 20 years ago, Mazda made commercials with the theme, “Zoom, Zoom!” (search YouTube). Now the word Zoom is solely related to one thing—video-conferencing technology of the day.

I have been in higher education for eleven years now. With that, I have been teaching through the use of video-conferencing tools for about five or six years. And I’ve also taught in all kinds of settings—traditional classroom, hybrid, online, live video, accelerated, full-semester. You name it. [Are there others?!] But what we are experiencing now during the Coronavirus pandemic is quite different, especially when it comes to video-conferencing and education. Continue reading

Experiencing My Sadness in This Time


I am experiencing sadness today. I have experienced sadness during the Coronavirus pandemic previously, but this is a “new” kind of sadness today. How so? I realize that 2020 could be one of the most painful years in my forty years. Not because of Coronavirus sicknesses, deaths, and loss of jobs and money for so many. Oh, yes, I grieve that and will continue to do so. I know that.

But what I realized today brought up a different reason for my sadness.

Due to our own deep-seated anxiety as a society in general, we are most likely about to hit a massive—and I mean massive—complication as we move forward in the coming days, weeks, and months. It has already reared its ugly head—in the news, on social media, and the like. And this whole thing is very connected to political partisanship.

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