Brennan: The Man Behind the Ragamuffin Gospel

brennan movie 2

A full-length film is being made about the life of Brennan Manning, author and spiritual leader famously known for his work, The Ragamuffin Gospel. Manning passed away in April of 2013. David Leo Schultz, director of the Rich Mullins’ film, Ragamuffin, has taken up this project on Brennan Manning. Continue reading

The Ragamuffin Gospel Revisited

ragamuffin-gospelAt times, we find ourselves returning to fiction classics such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Chronicles of Narnia. The same stands true for me, and I suppose most Christians, when it comes to spiritual-devotional classics. We all have our favourites, no doubt.

This week, I removed Brennan Manning’s classic, The Ragamuffin Gospel, from my shelf and began to re-read a book I haven’t touched in about 10 years. I had seen someone tweet that they were leading a small group study from the book. That’s what drew me to pick it up again.

In the past, I had thought of purchasing a couple of his other works, but have not done so yet. And it has been good to dive back into this classic. Maybe I’ll follow through this time? Continue reading