Reading for the Common Good


Recently I began reading the newest release of Christopher Smith, Reading for the Common Good: How Books Help our Neighborhoods and Churches Flourish. Thanks to IVP for a review copy! Smith is also the co-author of Slow Church.

The book, and its somewhat unique thesis, flows from the practice of Smith’s own church in Indianapolis. What’s the main premise? Continue reading

That R-Word


There are many words that probably don’t roll off our lips with ease. One of those words is the R-word: repentance. Perhaps we put up a good front, chant it regularly, but despise it on the inside. That’s been me, at times.

Many might imagine the word repentance as a simple sorry. That’s not what it means.

Many might imagine the word involves self-flagellation. That’s not what it means either.

But it’s a real word. A necessary word. And, yes, even a hard word. Continue reading

Top Reads of 2015

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In line with an annual tradition here at The Prodigal Thought, I’m listing my top reads from 2015. Due to the commitments of my doctoral studies and book, I was not able to provide my usual review of these. Nor was I able to dive into any fiction this year (until the holiday period).

The list comes in no particular order. Continue reading