CharisMissional Blog

Most know that I am very much dedicated to the continuance of all gifts of the Spirit. I’ve written plenty on the topic and am currently posting some thoughts around the gift of prophecy.

Therefore, I wanted to mention the blog of a friend, David Derbyshire. The blog is entitled CharisMissional and can be found at, but the subtitle is even more telling, Empowered by the Spirit for Mission.

David is part of Church Alive in Birmingham, UK, a church that is closely connected with our church in Brussels, Cornerstone International Church.

So check it out.

The Current Tweet-Blog War

Rob Bell releases a video. One group responds and a tweeting-blogging war begins amongst Christians. The world shakes their heads, baffled.

Jared Wilson posts an article. A few major bloggers respond and a tweeting-blogging war begins amongst Christians. The world once again shakes their heads, baffled. Continue reading

A Change in Perspective

So I have taken about a 4-week break from blogging. It wasn’t a decision I necessarily made upfront. It was simply that the month of May was a very intense month and so it happened by default, at least in one sense. But as I took the time off from blogging, I began to lose much of the desire to blog, especially to be caught in the rat race of having to keep articles popping out ever couple of days or so.

So here is my first post since the 4-week hiatus. And I cannot say I am back with any desire to work hard to regularly post, again, every couple of days. But I am entering with a change in perspective in a few different areas. Not really a change in any theological perspective. But a change in approach.

I detail some of those changes below: Continue reading

Changes in Writing

I’m sure many see blogging as a waste of time. It can be, no doubt. It’s easy to get drawn into the world of writing and reading blogs as a 21st century phenomena.

If I wanted to, I could write multiple articles each day and comment on other blogs multiple times a day. And then there is the possibility of being drawn in to follow new links to comment on new blogs. So one must guard against such an overwhelming pull. I am still convinced the call, at least for me, is to be out there amongst the people – the people of the church and the people of the world, maybe even both at the same time. Continue reading


Every once in a while, I like to post some links to some blogs I both frequent and appreciate. Some here are some:

1) Scot McKnight – In my mind, McKnight is probably one of the better scholarly theologians of the 21st century. He is most known for his book, The Jesus Creed, though he has written many more.

2) Near Emmaus – A blog by Brian LePort and company looking at almost anything biblical and theological. Great interaction in the comments as well.

3) New Leaven – Headed up by TC Robinson, his biblio-theological articles have a lot of commenters and involvement from others.

4) Andrew Perriman – Andrew is a both an author and blogger (so of longer and shorter works). His articles are always thought-provoking, challenging us outside the normative evangelical approach to Scripture and theology.

5) Nathaniel Claiborne – A newer blog I check out these days, but very solid from a ThM student at Dallas Theological Seminary.