Ravi Zacharias in Belgium

Tonight concludes a 3-day visit from Ravi Zacharias, where he will have spoken each of the 3 evenings in 3 different venues across Belgium. We were told in a pastor’s gathering a few months back that it takes 3 years to reserve a speaking engagement from Ravi. But here he is now. (And notice the use of the #3 in this first paragraph!)

I attended the first evening at the Catholic University (KU) in Leuven. It was good to see a nice turn out with my estimations being about 700 attendees. I wasn’t sure how packed it would be, as it didn’t seem the meetings have been that greatly promoted, at least amongst the international churches. But the large lecture hall was pretty much filled from front to back. Continue reading

Artrageous Brussels

For those who consider themselves creative artists (of all various types), or even if you wouldn’t consider yourself in that category, I just wanted to make you aware of some teaching seminars coming up in just over 2 weeks here in the Brussels area.

It is known as Artrageous and is headed up by the European Worship Institute. There will be speakers from all over western Europe converging on the Brussels area the weekend of 11-12 November. Specifically, I will be leading a seminar on the Saturday afternoon entitled, “Calling, Gifting and Creativity”. For more info, check out the flyer below and visit the EWI website.

Prayer Retreat

It is good to take some time away, very good, even if it is only for a 24-hour period. And, thus, I am much anticipating this weekend in which our leadership team will draw away to the Ardennes of Belgium for a short, 24-hour period to be together, seek God, hear from God and respond to His leading of our lives and the life of the church we lead.

I pray it is like a refreshing rain during a hot mid-summer’s day.

Inspired Teaching Sessions

A few week’s back, we held our Inspired Day2 teaching sessions at Cornerstone. In Day1, we looked at an intro to the Old Testament and at the Pentateuch. For Day2, we moved on to the historical books of the Old Testament, mainly Joshua to Esther.

Here are the 4 teaching sessions led by Mike Orsmund, lecturer in Old Testament and Hermeneutics at Trinity School of Theology in Rugby, England. Continue reading