Advent Sermon: The Original Immanuel

the king is born - renewal

Yesterday, the second Sunday of Advent, I gave the message at Renewal Church Memphis. It was titled, “The Original Immanuel,” and was based in Isaiah 7. There were 3 points I put on our radar:

1) Immanuel in Isaiah’s day.

2) Immanuel in Christ.

3) Immanuel today and always.

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Andrew Wilson Interview with Tom Wright

Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson, blogger at Think Theology and one of the pastor-elders of King’s Church Eastbourne in England, interviewed Tom Wright last week at the Think Conference – 23rd May 2013.

During the interview, Wilson put forth varying questions about all sorts of biblical-theological issues. You can download the full interview here. Below are the questions from the session, along with time markers to help you navigate through the 42-minute interview. Continue reading

Prodigal Thought Podcast – Individualism vs Collectivism

PodcastHere we are with episode 2 at Prodigal Thought Podcast.

In this session, I discuss a topic that I recently looked at during a church leader’s gathering here in the Brussels area: there is a difference between our modern western ideas of individualism and the ancient (and non-western) perspective of collectivism.

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Prodigal Thought Podcast Begins

PodcastHere we are starting up Prodigal Thought Podcast. This is something that I’ve been desiring to do for a few years now. So, connect and listen each week.

We start with episode 1… (enter in the Star Wars theme song).

To start, I share some ideas about what the podcast will consist, also looking at a topic I’m considering for my dissertation in the future. Click on the icon below to listen or you can download it. Continue reading