Alphas TV Series

My wife and I enjoy having a tv series or two to watch together on an ongoing basis, simply to relax in the evenings to a good and intriguing television programme.

We watched all the seasons of Lost, 24 and Prison Break, some of the better shows that were available in the past decade. We also watched all of the Heroes’ series before the show was cancelled (which was for the best at that point with it really going no where). We also like to pull out the varying Friends series and enjoy them together. It was my wife’s show before we met, and now it has become a show we enjoy in tandem, regularly watching re-runs and laughing through them.

We’ve also even tuned in to a couple of British BBC series, mainly Merlin (based upon King Arthur and the gang as in their young 20’s) and Lark Rise to Candleford (a period drama based in the late 19th century). We await the new season of Merlin to begin soon, with the latter (LRC) finishing in early 2011 after 4 successful seasons in Britain. Continue reading