A Race Reckoning

1968 2020

Have you noticed there is a tiny bit of unrest in America these days? Something has surged forward, grabbing our attention, almost overtaking the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve been hit with the devastating reality that more of our African-American brothers and sisters have encountered tragic deaths. They’ve been murdered. Continue reading

Embodying the Ways of Jesus: Martin Luther King, Jr.

mlk jr.jpg

Today marks a day of remembrance for a man who pioneered one of the greatest developments in modern American history – the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Or, better articulated, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., helped open the doors of dignity and respect for our African-American brothers and sisters. For he knew, was correctly convinced, that these honors were due to all humanity created in the image of God.

And as I have pondered who this man actually was and what he actually did, I realize that he embodied the ways of Jesus in a unique way, in a way that gets easily overlooked in our western evangelical context.

How so? Continue reading