On “The Urgent Matter of Books”

Believe or not, I have friends. And I also have friends who like to blog. My friend, Abby King, posts regularly over at her blog, Tales of a Sojourner. She is a deep thinker and a theologian-at-heart (can I describe you that way, Abby?). She is also a great musician and worship leader.

So I asked Abby if I could re-post articles from her blog. She kindly agreed. Miss King is currently doing her MA in Hermeneutics from London School of Theology. Thus, I’m thinking she can teach us a thing or two about the things of God. Well, not simply because of an MA, but because of her ministry-serving gifts. Ok, I am heading down a rabbit trail. So read here for more.

I think I might re-post more of her articles in the future as guest posts. But here is the first entry below: Continue reading