The Antics of John MacArthur


John MacArthur is back at it again.

His most recent comments were directed at Beth Moore, well-known Southern Baptist teacher-preacher. Here they are in the clip below.

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Remembering Henri Nouwen

henri nouwen

A significant spiritual leader passed 23 years ago. These are some of the most powerful words I have heard or read from Henri Nouwen.

“Jesus never asked us to be productive. Jesus asked us to be fruitful.”

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Reading Romans Backwards

This week I began reading Scot McKnight’s new work, Reading Romans Backwards: A Gospel of Peace in the Midst of Empire.

Why might this book be a helpful voice on studies in Romans? McKnight offers a different angle on the intent behind Paul’s most well-known, most taught and preached letter in all of the New Testament. As he notes in a recent interview:

“So we read the book of Romans as if it were an evangelistic tract to get people saved. No. The people to whom Paul is writing this letter are saved. He is not sketching how to get saved. He is sketching the foundation of reconciliation…” Continue reading